2019 NZ Falcons ANZAC Tour details

Campaign dates

Arriving in Melbourne on April 24th and departing on April 28th 2019.


Game Venue

The match against the AFL Academy team will be played at Marvel Stadium, Docklands Melbourne Australia, scheduled prior to the St Kilda FC vs Adelaide FC  AFL contest and will commence at approximately 1.00pm (to be confirmed) on Saturday April 27th 2019.

Ticket requirements for family and friends can be made initially through the following link at a cost of $30 per ticket until Monday April 15th at 5.00pm.  Click here  https://nzfalconsaflacademy.eventdesq.com/

Following closure of the link at the stipulated time, tickets will be available through normal on line ticketing outlets.

Quarters will be 25 minutes flat in length with breaks of 6 minutes, 20 minutes and 6 minutes for the respective quarters.


New Zealand Falcons Seniors Wider Squad Management team

New Zealand Based:     

Chris Mundell:                   Head Coach

Rob Malone:                      Assistant Coach

Howard Gilbert:                Team Manager

Fraser Worthington:          Assistant Manager, Runner

Chris Johns:                       Physiotherapist


Australia Based:              

Justin Davies:                     Assistant Coach


Touring Party

The team including non-traveling emergencies is as follows;

1              Ben Northover                  AUS BASED

2              Brandon Sucu                    AUS BASED

3              Reed Cathcart                   NZ BASED

4              Misilifi Faimalo                  AUS BASED

5              Cameron Illet                     AUS BASED

6              Mykelti Lefau                    AUS BASED

7              Andrew Howison             AUS BASED

8              Shem Tatupu                     AUS BASED

9              Matt Argus                         AUS BASED

10           Dean Staunton                  AUS BASED

11           Ben Hick                               NZ BASED

12           Shane Leat                          NZ BASED

13           Ty Smith                               NZ BASED

14           Jay Johnson                        NZ BASED

15           Andriu Sucu                        NZ BASED

16           Jonothan Macanawai     AUS BASED

17           Lachie Argus                       AUS BASED

18           Liam Beattie                       NZ BASED

19           Jared Illet                            AUS BASED

20           Will Gregson                      AUS BASED

21           Sam Anderson                  NZ BASED

22           Will Dickinson                    NZ BASED

23           Max Urwin                          AUS BASED

24           Aaron Harris                       AUS BASED


Financial Contributions

Please note the scheduled payment plan below, required prior to final team selections. If you are not selected in the final team any payments made towards the New Zealand Hawks Campaign will be refunded to your nominated account.


Payment Schedule:

New Zealand Falcons                     Total $900

Payment 1:                                         $300 due 22nd March 2018            All players

Payment 2:                                         $300 due 5th April 2018                   All players

Payment 3:                                         $300 due 19th April 2018                 Those players based outside Victoria only.


Deposits made to Westpac Newmarket New Zealand AFL Inc. 03 0283 0094878 000 please include last name or mobile number as reference.

Full payment is required prior to the campaign. Please contact Robert Vanstam AFLNZ CEO with any further questions regarding finance on 021 399 629.



The Senior New Zealand Falcons will reside at the Quest Windsor   for the nights of April 24,25,26,27th. All accommodation costs are covered through your player contribution.


Team Uniforms

The team will be supplied with playing uniforms consisting of New Zealand playing shorts, playing jumper, socks and gear bag. You will also receive New Zealand jacket, polo and gym shorts as part of your off field uniform. All these items are covered through your player contribution.

You will be required supply black dress pants, shoes and belt as additional elements of your uniform.

To assist with uniform sizing. Please complete the following form. https://forms.gle/LFH6FeZ3Ur5XRcCc9

Training uniforms including socks, tops and shorts will be provided and returned throughout the campaign.

All air travel and functions are – Number 1’s. (Please wear polo from previous campaigns. You will receive new polo on arrival to accommodation)

Players will be advised of dress code and gear needed for each day

Please do NOT wear any old NZ Hawks gear during the campaign.



Throughout the campaign, Chris Johns from Physio by Design will provide consultation and assistance with your injury and rehabilitation requirements. Chris will personally attend the campaign.

Contact details;

Main (09) 447 3330 Mobile +64 21 136 9374 | Email chris@physiobydesign.co.nz | Web http://www.physiobydesign.co.nz


Presentation Evening

The NAB AFL Academy/AFL New Zealand Falcons Welcome Function will take place at 5.30pm (arrive 5.00pm) on Wednesday April 24th at “The Hall” NAB, 700 Bourke Street (right next to Marvel Stadium). This will be followed with access to the Richmond vs Melbourne game at the MCG starting at 7.35pm.

The event will include;

  • Guest speakers
  • The New Zealand Falcons Jumper Presentation
  • Introduction to the AFL Academy team
  • Finger food and refreshments

Attendance at the awards is covered through your player contributions.

We have limited tickets available for immediate family to attend with numbers to be finalised by April 15th at 5.00pm.  Please go to the following link to book. https://2019nzfalconsguernseypres.eventdesq.com/


ANZAC Day Dawn Service

The team will attend the Melbourne Dawn Service to commemorate ANZAC Day on April 25th. This will be followed by attendance at the ANZAC Day clash between Collingwood and Essendon at the MCG that afternoon.


Game Day After Match Function

Following on from the match against the AFL Academy on Saturday April 27th , there will be a meal and awards presented at the After Match function to be held at AFL House.

Best player awards for both teams as well as the match trophy will be presented along with speeches from coaching staff and award winners.

Attendance at the awards is covered through your player contributions.

We have limited tickets available for immediate family to attend with numbers to be finalised by April 15th at 5.00pm.

Please go to the following link to book. https://nzfalconsaftermatch.eventdesq.com/

After Match meal and supporters function

Following the After Match Function at AFL House , we will move on to an After Match Meal and Supporters Function at a venue to be finalised. Start time and location will be updated as soon as possible.


Remaining Meals

Breakfasts: Thur 25th April, Fri 26th April, Sat 27th April, Sun 28th April

Lunches: Wed 24th April, Thur 25th April, Fri 26th April, Sat 27th April

Dinners: Thur 25th April, Fri 26th April


Remaining meals will be self-catered via supermarket shops with all costs covered through your player contributions.



Please ensure your passport is up to date and valid. For those based in New Zealand, Scan and email to football@aflnz.co.nz as soon as possible.

Melbourne based players

Melbourne based players are to be at the Quest Windsor at 12.30pm for check in to accommodation

This includes Shem Tatupu, Mykelti Lefau, Misilifi Faimalo, Ben Northover, Will Gregson, Andrew Howison, Max Urwin, Jono Macanawai with Reed Cathcart from Auckland already in Melbourne to also be at accommodation at this time.

You may be selected to assist with shopping duties leading into 12.30pm

International and Domestic Flights

We are expecting players to participate from venues including Melbourne, Brisbane, Otago, Canterbury, Wellington, Northland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Auckland.

All domestic and international flights will be booked and paid for by AFL New Zealand and are covered through your player contributions.

Flights will arrive in Melbourne commencing from the morning of Wednesday April 24th with a training session scheduled soon after hotel check in.


Scheduled flights;

Will depart Auckland on April 24th at 8.50am arriving in at 10.55am in Melbourne. Flights home will depart on the 28th at 12.10pm arriving 5:45pm.

Will depart Christchurch on April 24th at 6.05am arriving in at 8.00am in Melbourne. Flights home will depart on the 28th at  6.55pm arriving 12.25am.

There may be some additional transfers required for other tickets for those based in NZ locations outside of Auckland and Christchurch

All air travel and functions are – Number 1’s. (Please wear polo from previous campaigns. You will receive new polo on arrival to accommodation)

Ground Transportation and Transfers

The team will travel with the assistance of three team minivans that will also assist with transfers for other playing teams over the ANZAC itinerary. All ground transportation costs are covered through your player contributions.

On some occasions we may require assistance from Melbourne participants to assist with miscellaneous transfer requirements.

Parking is currently being organised for two private vehicles at the Quest Hotel. The cost is $20 per day and so we will advise who will be allocated the parks in the near future.

6.40am 24th April Darwin Arrivals (Uber)

Darwin Players Jarred Ilett, Cameron Ilett and Dean Staunton will arrive at 6.40am on the 24th April on JQ677. On arrival you will take an Uber to Quest Windsor  .

There will be a room available for you to sleep on arrival. Please retain your Uber receipt and you will be refunded.

8.00am 24th April Christchurch and Wellington arrivals (Andrew Howison)

Christchurch Player Jay Johnson and and Wellington based photographer Jun Tanlayco will arrive at 8.0am on the 24th April on NZ891 and NZ850. You will be picked up by Andrew Howison on arrival. Please message once you are in the pick up area.

9.45am 24th April Brisbane Arrivals To Pick up Rental Vehicle

Brisbane Players Aaron Harris, Matthew Argus, and Brandon Sucu will arrive at 9.45am on the 24th April on JQ677. On arrival you will pick up one of the three rental vans. Aaron Harris to be a driver and provide license details on pick up. Further details will be added shortly.

10.35am 24th April Brisbane Arrival

Brisbane Player Lachie Argus will arrive at 9.45am on the 24th April on QF611. On arrival you will wait for the Auckland contigent to arrive.

10.55am 24th April Auckland Arrivals To Pick up 2 Rental Vehicles

Auckland contingent will arrive at 10.55am on the 24th April on NZ123. On arrival you will pick up one of the three rental vans. Fraser Worthington, Howard Gilbert, Rob Malone and Chris Mundell to provide license details on pick up. Further details will be added shortly.

ROBERT MALONE Tkt No. 0862186719809
CHRISTOPHER MUNDELL Tkt No. 0862186719810
HOWARD GILBERT Tkt No. 0862186719811
FRASER WORTHINGTON Tkt No. 0862186719812
BENJAMIN HICK Tkt No. 0862186719815
ANDRIU SUCU Tkt No. 0862186719816
WILLIAM DICKINSON Tkt No. 0862186719817
SAM ANDERSON Tkt No. 0862186719818
TY SMITH Tkt No. 0862186719819
CHRISTOPHER JOHNS Tkt No. 0862186719820
SHANE LEAT Tkt No. 0862186719821
LIAM BEATTIE Tkt No. 0862186719843
KILLARNEY MOREY Tkt No. 0862187174578
JAIMEE WYATT Tkt No. 0862187174579

Under 18  New Zealand Falcons Tour

The Under 18 Tour will take place from April 23rd to April 28th with two games on Wednesday April 24th and Friday April 26th at Hastings on the Mornington Peninsula, with both games at 6.00pm. They will also be based at the Quest Windsor.


Major Itinerary

Wednesday 24th April

10.00am               Flight arrivals commence

2.00pm                 St Kilda FC Moorabbin Training Session

5.30pm                 Welcome Function and Jumper Presentation “The Hall” NAB, 700 Bourke Street

7.35pm                 Richmond vs Melbourne


Thursday 25th April

5.00am                 Dawn Service

8.30am                 Faulkner Park or Trevor Barker Oval. Training Session. Venue to be confirmed.

3.20pm                 Collingwood vs Essendon


Friday 26th April

6.00pm                 New Zealand Under 18’s vs Mornington Peninsula JFL Hastings. Selected Senior players and coaching staff to attend.

6.00pm                 Free Time Option.  Tasmania U18 girls TAC Cup game includes two NZ representatives Killarney Morey, Jaimee Wyatt at Rams Arena, Craigieburn 


Saturday 27th April

1.00pm                 New Zealand Falcons vs AFL Academy

Haka/ National Anthems

1.30pm                 Game commences

5.00pm                 After Match Function at AFL House

7.00pm                 After Match Meal and Supporters Function Venue at College Lawns .To be confirmed


Sunday 28th April

10.00am               onwards. Depart for home


Training, Free Time, Rehab Sessions

Training, free time and rehab time slots will be advised by team management in the near future.