2013 AFL New Zealand Annual Report

AFL New Zealand Board of Directors

Geoff Dickson Appointed 30/11/2006 Chairman Auckland
Reappointed 03/12/2009, 30/10/2014
Justin Davies Elected, Reelected 28/03/2009, 24/03/2013  V Chairman Canterbury
Garry Carnachan Appointed 01/11/2012 New Plymouth
Rob Malone Elected 24/03/2012 Auckland
Reelected 24/03/2013
Andrew Sloman Appointed 31/10/2013 Auckland
Tim Stevens Elected 27/03/2010 Wellington
Toni-Maree Carnie Appointed 01/11/2011 Auckland

AFL New Zealand Administration Staff

Rob Vanstam, Chief Executive

Mick Coultard, Secondary Schools and Talent ID

Reg Ranchhod, Auckland AFL KiwiKick Manager

Sam McKenzie, Wellington AFL KiwiKick Manager

2012 AFL New Zealand Annual Report

AFL New Zealand Constitution