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AFL 9s

AFL 9s enables people of all ages and ability levels to participate in male, female or mixed competitions that fit around their busy lives and provide a social and fitness outlet. Importantly, AFL 9s is easy to play, not too physically demanding and provides an environment where fun, enjoyment and safety are a priority.

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Waitakere Play AFL Club, Trusts Arena

Hutt Valley Play AFL Club, Hutt Park

Northland Play AFL Club, Kensington Oval

Wellington Play AFL Club, Wellington College



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AFL 9s Schools Program | Orientation and ‘Have A Go’ sessions | Tournament Days

What does it look like? | What are the main rules? | Seasonal Time Frames | Team Registration | Competition Winners | Game Times  | Dress Codes | Uniform and Extra Resource Options | Fixtures and Results

AFL 9s involves the fundamental skills of kicking, catching, passing and bouncing whilst participating in a team sport and is a game that everyone can play.
So grab your friends, family or workmates and get involved.

What does it look like?

The game is played between two teams of nine (9) with unlimited interchange players. The field has a maximum length of 100 metres (which can be modified depending on the age and ability level of participants) and is divided into three zones: a mid zone, a defensive zone and a scoring zone for each team.

What are the main rules?

There are two formats with the non-contact (touch) version played at all midweek centres.

Teams score by kicking or hand passing the football into their attacking scoring zone to designated forwards who are the only players permitted to score. A score results from the ball travelling through four posts erected in your scoring zone.

If the ball is caught on the full from a kick, irrespective of the distance the ball has travelled, the catcher is awarded a free kick or hand pass for your team unimpeded by the opposition.

Turnovers are created by intercepting opposition foot and hand passes or by touching your opponent whilst in possession followed by their failure to dispose of the ball within two seconds.

Whilst in possession you are permitted to run with the ball but must bounce the ball or touch the ball on the ground every 15 metres.

A player who has not secured possession from a catch and has had prior opportunity to dispose of the ball, will be penalised by an immediate turn over if touched whilst in possession. (eg. touched whilst dodging.)

AFL 9s also has tackle versions of the game available to participants  focussed on weekend time slots.

Full set of Rules

AFL 9s Schools Program

AFL 9s is the perfect game to play at School. The modified rules enables teachers to set up safe, fun competitions for both boys and girls.

Non-tackle versions limit physical contact, making AFL 9s ideal for children to learn motor and coordination skills while participating in a team sport. See AFL House Rules

The contact skills of tackling, bumping and shepherding can be added to assist with advanced competitions. See Hawks Cup

Contact AFL New Zealand for information on how to set up an AFL 9s competition in your region or school. Email Mick Coultard or call 09 448 0305.

Seasonal Time Frames

AFL 9s will begin modules regionally, commencing October 2013. The day of your competition will vary depending on your location but teams will play on the same evening each week for an eight to ten week period.

Following the Christmas break, modules will commence in mid January 2014 and also run for an eight to ten week period.

All week day modules will be non contact competitions for Mixed, Male and Female teams.

All weekend modules will be based on full contact.

Register as a team or as an individual

AFL New Zealand is aware that new teams and work mates are sometimes difficult to coordinate. We encourage participants to register as individuals, partners or small groups and our coordinators can assist at linking you with other players at our Orientation Sessions.

AFL 9s will have Mixed, Male and Female modules in operation in North Harbour, Auckland Central, West Auckland and Manukau regions with the finalisation of venues and occurring over the next two months.

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Competition Winners

Competition winners for each division are determined by the team placed on the top of the division ladder at the completion of the weekly fixtures.

Medallions (12) will be presented to members of the winning teams on completion of their final match.

Game Times

Games time slots will be of 45 minute duration with 20 minute halves and scheduled for 6.00pm, 6.45pm, 7.30pm and 8.15pm.

A warm up area will be designated to provide your team time to prepare for your match.

Initial rounds will see umpires/ co-ordinators designate one ‘time out’ per half to assist both teams with rule clarification or skill tips.

All teams will be scheduled with a selection of time slots and preferences will be considered when possible.

Select your time preferences!

Orientation and ‘have a go’ sessions

AFL 9s is a fun, new game with different skills and different rules. The Orientation and  ‘have a go’ sessions are key to providing you with an introduction and understanding to AFL 9s so that you spend more time enjoying the game.

Don’t forget that all participants are learning a new game just like you! The only experts we have are our trained coaching/ umpiring staff that are there to ensure you have a great time.

Dress Codes

All teams are required to wear uniforms as of first week of competition that consist of matching tops that can be in the form of bibs, t shirts or vests. AFL New Zealand has the ability to provide teams with playing tops as detailed in our Uniform and Extra Resource Section.

Mouth guards are optional with midweek competitions purely focused on non- contact.

Footwear can be in the form of runners or molded sole boots. Bare feet is not permitted.

AFL New Zealand advises contact lenses be worn rather than spectacles.

Any items of jewelry should be removed in the first item or taped if not removable.

Uniform and Extra Resource Options

For teams requiring equipment or resources we have the following items available:

  • Uniforms reversible vests $30 or $240 for 12
  • Footballs $30 or $100 for 5
  • Arm bands $7 or $20 for 4
  • Pumps $15
  • Ball Bags $10

Fixtures and Results

Weekly fixtures and results will be posted on the AFL New Zealand website with any changes communicated with your key team contact.

Tournament Days

Apart from your regular midweek competition you have the opportunity to have your team involved in one of the many weekend tournament days held throughout New Zealand.

Both touch and tackle formats are available to any team registered in current midweek competitions at no extra cost. A great way to test your skills against teams from other centres and make new friends.

AFL 9s Tournament days are FREE and are also a great way for new teams to be introduced to the sport. Orientation grades are in place for the one day tournaments to ensure there is every opportunity to have fun whilst learning the skills of a new game.

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