Coaching and Management


2017 AFL New Zealand Premiership Coaching Staff:

Western Crows thumbnail
AucklandCrowsHeadChris Mundell
AucklandCrowsAssistMarcus Jones
WellingtonCrowsAssistKieran Houlker
AucklandCrowsPlay/AssistMatt Kemp
Canterbury CrowsCaptainJared Court
AucklandCrowsManagerAaron Tamariki
Central Giants thumbnail
AucklandGiantsHeadRobert Malone
AucklandGiantsAssistMichael Lentini
CanterburyGiantsAssistIzaac Williams
CanterburyGiantsPlay/AssistJames Bowden
AucklandGiantsCaptainDavid Rattenbury
Southern Saints thumbnail
Otago SaintsHeadWarwick Kain
AucklandSaintsAssistJames Monoghan
AucklandSaintsAssistCraig Goodhue
AucklandSaintsPlay/AssistAndriu Sucu
AucklandSaintsCaptainMichael Boyce
AucklandSaintsManagerHoward Gilbert
Northern Suns thumbnail
AucklandSunsHeadDave Abetz
WellingtonSunsAssistJohn Jackson
AucklandSunsAssistMichael Bruhn
AucklandSunsPlay/AssistMitchell Ryan
WellingtonSunsCaptainJames Kusel
AucklandSunsManagerSteve Allen

Coaching Accreditation

It is an expectation that all coaches within the AFL New Zealand Premiership either have the AFL Level 1 Coaching accreditation or are currently undergoing the accreditation process. The accreditation process is shown below.


For the online component please follow this link

Information around workshops in your region will be posted when available.


Coaching and Management Responsibilities


Head Coach responsibilities

Head coaches should communicate directly with coaching staff and allocate line positions accordingly.

Captains should also be utilised in their playing capacity as a line coach where possible.

Coaches should look to allocate one of their coaching staff as a team runner for the day.

The head coach will need to supply immediately following the game (in consultation with coaching staff) the following details on the admin form provided;

  • Best player (Will also be included in one of the groups below)
  • 2 Best forwards
  • 2 Best backs
  • 2 Best mid field

Please note: The above will be utilized for the overall Best and Fairest as well as Team of the week, so please ensure you are providing the 2 best for the positions for the weekend’s game.


Assistant Coach Responsibilities

If you have prior coaching commitments with the Academy please ensure you communicate timings to your head coach in regards to availability. Please also advise Sam McKenzie of any issues with availability.

The appointed forward line coach will also be required to record goal scorers for your team.

Currently we have three appointed Auckland-based managers and there will be administrative procedures that need to take place, before and following games. The Managers will utilise players to carry out some administration tasks. If your manager is not available, this will be delegated to the Assistant Coaches. For information on required tasks please contact Reg Ranchhod.

A time line/ run sheet of responsibilities will be forwarded before the weekend and will include uniform distribution and collection and team sheet completion.



Water boys/ girls will be allocated from the youth competition and non-playing team members. They can also be provided by outside links arranged by coaching staff if preferred. Once again please advise if you have secured your own hydration specialists.


Transportation and billeting

For Round one of the AFL New Zealand Premiership we have four Otago visitors staying overnight requiring billeting (arriving Saturday early evening) . This includes Giants coach Michael Bruhn and Saints Coach Warwick Kain who we would prefer to stay with team coaching staff.

We also have 16 players arriving Saturday that will require transport to and from the airport and so please advise as soon as possible if you can assist with this.


Manager Responsibilities

Managers will be sent training and game day task lists and runsheets. See below for a list of task managers to have completed across training and game days (this is not an exhaustive list). Please note that the Manager is responsible for these jobs being completed – this does not mean the manager has to compete the tasks themselves! Use the power of delegation to your advantage.


  • Timekeeping
  • Opening changing rooms
  • Ensuring footballs are pumped up
  • Filling water bottles
  • Recording attendance
  • Recording jumper numbers
  • Lock changing rooms
  • Accounting for equipment
  • Allocating tasks for players on game day/training

If the region does not have a manager in attendance for training or game these jobs become the responsibilities of the coaches. Please contact Reg Ranchhod for more information on tasks


Training Information

Training venues and times for each region can be found here

All Coaches and Managers need to fill out this google form with their availability throughout the Premiership

The training documents below will be provided to coaches and management each week. These are important to ensure that training sessions around the country are following the same lead and athletes are able to maximise their development through the Premiership year.

  • Training plan
    • Focus for the session with drills and games whichcoachescan choose from which meet the training objective
    • These will provide a range of drills and ensure some are modifiable so no matter how many players are at training they can be used
  • Training run-sheet
    • Timings for training (i.e. opening up time etc)
  • Player attendance document
    • Needs to be marked off by a coach or manager and sent to Samuel McKenzie to follow up with players who did not attend
    • Attendance to be recorded and forwarded in excel format by 10am the morning after training to
  • Key messaging document
    • Messages that need to be distributed to the players
  • Coaching Tree.                                 
    • Covers the skill sets required to compete effectively. (Opposition has the ball/ We have the ball/ The ball is in dispute).
  • Warm up Procedure.
    • AFL New Zealand in conjunction with the Strength and Conditioning Coaches have a warm up procedure to implement, which will be run by the S&C coaches, senior players or designated coach
  • Code of Conduct/Medical forms
    • Players to complete at training, signed and return. Once completed, mark on the attendance document.
    • Forms already collected will be indicated on your attendance document.

All elements will be reviewed via feedback from coaches to ensure improvement to training systems and to make coaching and management roles as easy as possible.


Training equipment

This is a basic list of resources required. Please contact if you do not have any of the required resources in your region

  • Leather footballs (1 leather to every 3 players)
  • Synthetic footballs (1 ball to every two players)
  • Water Bottles
  • Changing room keys (if available in your region)
  • Cones
  • Pump (electronic and hand if possible)
  • Whistle
  • Attendance sheet/laptop with attendance sheet
  • Players code of conduct form
  • Medical forms

New Initiative

  • Work-ons
    • Players will be invited to turn up to training 30mins early this year and spend that time working on areas that need improvement. This could include fitness, kicking, handball, contested marking etc. We will be able to provide the fitness work for the guys to complete, but we require a coach or two to come down earlier to run through player work-ons (i.e. run some kicking drills or contested marking etc). This extra time, although short, is a powerful tool to improve certain areas in an athlete’s game
    • This will be introduced to the players at all trainings starting in 2017 (so not before Christmas)


Game Day information


There will be physios on-site to assist with strapping as well as helping to manage injuries. They will be at QBE Stadium from 9.30am (though they will be involved with the Youth Competition as well)/. If players have injuries/niggles needing strapping/treatment please arrive early to ensure you can be seen.


All games are played at QBE Stadium (formerly North Harbour Stadium). The AFL field is stationed to behind the main stadium. Car parking is available in the main car park just above the ground.

Arrival Time

All coaches and players are expected to be at the ground 1hour 30mins before their game starts.

Game 1 starts at 11.30am (10.00am arrival time)

Game 2 starts at 1.45pm (12.15pm arrival time)

Changing Rooms

The changing rooms will be open 1hour 30mins before games are scheduled to start

If you are playing in Game 1 you will be utilising the Domain changing rooms, located by the Artificial Turf. The changing room doors will be labeled with each team’s emblem.

If you are playing in Game 2 you will be utilising the Marist Rugby Club changing rooms. The changing room doors will be labeled with each team’s emblem.


The uniform for all travel and before/after games is Team Polo paired with AFL New Zealand Premiership Shorts or Number 1’s.

If wearing shorts players must wear running shoes – no jandals/sandals.

Number 1’s are:

  • Black pants
  • Black belt
  • Black socks
  • Black dress shoes

If you have not received your team polo you can travel to the ground in:

  • New Zealand Youth polo
  • New Zealand Hawks polo
  • Regional League/Club team polo

If you have none of the above, please travel/arrive in number 1’s and a shirt.

On-field uniform

Playing kit will be provided to the players at the ground. These will be collected and given to an Auckland based player to wash for the next week.

Players Playing Numbers

Players will be presented with a number for the year. This is to be their number and will not be given out to other players. Please ensure players are wearing the correct number.

Game Length

Games will be four 22 minute quarters with no time on. Quarter time breaks will be 5/10/7 minutes respectively.

After-Match Commitments

All coaches are expected to stay for their games after-match awards. After-match awards will be held in the Marist Rugby Clubrooms post game (after players have showered). Players are expected to wear clothing as outlined in dress section above.

Timeline for Game-day

A game-day run-sheet which lists everything in more detail will be forwarded to all coaches and management.