National Championships

The Senior National Provincial Championships (NPC) held annually, is to determine the best Australian Football League in New Zealand at a senior level.

Teams from Canterbury, Wellington, Auckland, and Otago compete for national honours and the opportunity to be selected in New Zealand national teams.

Past Winners:

2014: Canterbury

2013: Auckland

2012: Canterbury

2011: Canterbury

2010: Canterbury

Senior NPC:

The 2015 Senior NPC Championships will be held on the weekend of December 5th and 6th at Parrs Park in Auckland.

Competition Rules





Senior NPC draw:


Saturday 5th December:


11.00am: Wellington vs Otago

12.30pm: Auckland vs Canterbury

3.00pm: Otago vs Auckland

4.30pm: Canterbury vs Wellington

6.30pm: Evening function


Sunday 6th December:


11.00am: Canterbury vs Otago

12.30pm: Auckland vs Wellington

2.30pm: Presentations



Tournament Information

The Senior National Provincial Championship tournament is to be held in Auckland at Parrs Park, Oratia on December 5th and 6th 2015.

Provided below is a summary or running sheet of responsibilities for the tournament to assist with your organisations as we prepare.

Each section will have relevance to different groups and I have highlighted action points accordingly.

Tournament Costs

Each Provincial League will be levied $500 (excl. GST) for entry costs for the National Provincial Competition.

An invoice will be sent by AFL New Zealand to League Treasurers.

Team Management Staff

All Leagues are required to forward details of team management staff including Coach/ Assistant Coaches/

Team Manager/ Runners and Medical Staff to by November 13th 2015.

All Leagues should provide details of available umpires with details forwarded by November 13th 2015.

Each League is to provide a new Sherrin Football for the tournament.


A team squad list should be forwarded to AFL New Zealand by November 13th 2015, with a finalised team list

required by November 27th. All players who have lived or played football in Australia must also be noted.

There will be no managers meeting preceding the matches. Please work on getting all the questions out of the way now before the tournament commences.


Costs associated with flights are the responsibility of those competing and attending the tournament. It is

important that team management and players are made aware of these responsibilities at your first meeting.

Internet fares are generally the cheapest and the earlier the flights are booked, the cheaper they will be.

With the new fast check in facilities available at all airports, counter check in and identification are only

needed for those with more than hand luggage.

Bus Transport

AFL New Zealand is happy to assist with the coordination of ground transportation. Before this can happen

we will require details of flights and accommodation and on receipt we can supply estimated costs to the

participating leagues.


Costs associated with accommodation are the responsibility of those competing and attending the tournament.

It is important that team management and players are made aware of these responsibilities at your first meeting.


Costs associated with meals are the responsibility of those competing and attending the tournament.

It is important that team management and players are made aware of these responsibilities at your first meeting.

There will be a compulsory group meal scheduled at 5.30pm on the Saturday that caters for all players, team

management and tournament officials. The cost of the meal is $30 per person with each League invoiced

for a minimum of 20 attendees.

Team Managers are to advise of meals required by November 13th. Other meals that will need to

be organised include Sunday breakfast and a cut lunch on Sunday.

Team Managers are to advise if on progress with these meals.


Costs associated with team medical supplies, medical kits, physiotherapists are the responsibility of those

competing and attending the tournament.

It is important that team management and players are made  aware of these responsibilities at your first meeting.

AFL New Zealand must be notified of the details for your team medical personnel by November 13th 2015.

Uniforms and Playing Equipment

Costs associated with uniforms and playing equipment are the responsibility of those competing and

attending the tournament.

It is important that team management and players are made aware of these responsibilities at your first meeting.

Similarly drink bottles, footballs and medical kits are resources that each League and Club should have available

for use.


A ‘Best and fairest’ trophy will be arranged for each competing team as well as a:

• Tournament Best and Fairest

• Tournament Leading goal kicker

• NPC Tournament Winners trophy


All NPC matches require two goal umpires, two field umpires, and two boundary umpires.

A panel of ten umpires in full uniform for the tournament would benefit all concerned with rostering between

goal, boundary and field so we don’t have too many tired bodies.

Flights and accommodation for umpires will be catered for by AFL New Zealand with meal costs the

responsibility of the individuals.

Available umpires – please contact Robert Vanstam regarding availability.

Local League Responsibilities

Volunteer assistance in the following areas will assist the tournament greatly.

• Ground Transportation for Umpires – One Volunteer

• Scoreboard Operator – Time Keeper – Siren – One Volunteer

• Interchange steward – Scorecard/ Best and Fairest Collection – One Volunteer Interchanges to be carried out correctly by simply making sure that players go on and off through the correct

regions and there is no more than 18 on the field.

• Collection of team sheets off team manager

• Collection of scorecards and goal kickers from goal umpires

• Collection of best player votes from umpires and delivery of all information to the tournament coordinator

Photos – One Volunteer

Focus on Team photos for all teams, award winners and action shots.

Tournament Administrator: AFL New Zealand will provide this service.

Collates scores and ladder, actions send offs by informing AFLNZ Coordinator, liaises with umpires co-
ordinator, collates b & f votes, goal kickers in preparation for presentations.

Dressing room allocations – One Volunteer

One person to direct traffic in regards to where each team should be and security for change rooms if

necessary. Team Managers will be able to assist with this.

Medical Personnel – One Volunteer

A trainer or medical person outside of designated team trainers would be handy as well as a stretcher

The provision of 6 Volunteers would be sufficient


• AFL New Zealand to work in conjunction host

• Line markings

• Goal posts and erection

• Goal post padding.

• Scoreboard

• Umpires Changing Rooms

• Changing rooms and showers for four teams

• Public address system ( Unlikely to be necessary )

• Siren and Time Keeping

• A place close to the venue that can supply ice.

• Presentation Area for Sunday afternoon

• Where will the presentations take place and what happens if it is raining?

• Rubbish bins

• Team benches and seating

• Where will the teams and coaches sit and what happens if it rains?

• Seating for officials, interchange steward, scoreboard attendant and administrators should also be assessed.

• Availability of food and drinks for sale at the ground

AFL New Zealand Senior Squad

A selection meeting involving the National Coaching Panel will be held on Saturday after the first days

competition with feedback from the team coaches.

Competition Rules

Times of commencement of matches

At all matches played in the NPC competition, unless otherwise arranged, a siren or other approved device shall be

sounded when the Umpires enter the ground and when the game is started. The siren or other approved device

shall be again sounded at the proper time for the termination and announcement of each quarter and

at the end of the match.

Playing time

Each game will be played over four 15 minute quarters with NO time on except for stretchers. The breaks

will be 5 minute (1/4 and 3/4 time break) with a 10 minute half time break.

Squad size and playing numbers

Each squad will have a minimum of 22 players and a maximum of 26 players for the tournament.

18 players will participate on field with the bench consisting of 6 players.

Benches can be extended only if agreed upon by both team coaches.

Points allocation

The following points will be allocated per match during the round robin:

Winning team Four (4) points

Losing team Zero (0) points

Draw Two (2) points

At the completion of the round robin the teams will be positioned firstly on games won and secondly on

points for and against.


Normal game rules apply. The umpires prior to the game will advise of any variation.

Team sheets

No later than 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the first game, the participating team managers

shall present to the tournament official an Official Team Sheet showing the following:

Full names and jersey numbers of each player. Advisement of who from the squad is not playing.

Full names of the official Team runners, Coach, Manager, Medical person and up to (3) official trainers

or water carriers.

Name and signature of the team manager.

The balance of players not participating in the game are permitted to be utilised as runners provided they

are listed on the match day team sheet.


If a player is deemed ineligible to play and the team fails to comply with these rules, and the player

participates in a match then their team shall lose all its points in that game.

The Tournament Official will peruse each team’s list of players as submitted, or whenever requested

to do so, to satisfy AFL New Zealand requirements that the lists are correct and will adjudicate in any

areas of dispute by teams.


Teams will be permitted to wear advised playing strip.

Any team desiring to vary or alter its colours, uniform or design shall first apply for and obtain the

permission from the tournament official.

All jumpers must display numbers on the back.

Official Runner

Each team shall be entitled to use two (2) runners in each game.

Runners Obligations:

  • The runner’s role is solely to deliver messages from the coaching staff to players on the playing arena.
  • The runner must immediately vacate the playing arena once the message has been delivered.
  • The runner must not interfere with the course of play. This includes standing in and filling a space at set plays.
  • The runner is not permitted to coach or remain on the field barracking and will be asked to leave.
  • If the runner fails to immediately respond to any request relating to the above points then a free kick may be awarded against his team at the spot of the infringement or where the ball is at that time, whichever is the greater penalty.
  • Only one runner from each team will be permitted entry to the playing arena at any one time.
  • Access to and from the playing arena must be through the official interchange area in the same manner players are interchanged.
  • A runner must wear the required attire, as specified by the tournament official.
  • A suspended player or nominated coach may not act as a club runner, trainer or water carrier.

Drawn matches

In the event of a draw both teams will receive 2 points. There will be no extra time.

Swearing, abuse and disputing decisions

Any player swearing, abusing or disputing an umpiring decision will have a free kick awarded against his team.

If a free kick has been awarded then a fifty metre penalty will apply.

Send off rule

The send off rule will be in force during the NPC tournament.

The umpires will utilize the ‘send off rule’ in cases of unduly rough play, repeated infringements, unsporting

behavior, fighting and melees. The card allocated will be determined by the umpires opinion on the severity

of the infringement.

A yellow card will result in a player being sent from the field for a period of ten minutes. No substitute can be

used to replace this player during the ten minute period.

A red card will result in a player being sent from the field for the remainder of the current match. No substitute

can be used to replace this player for the remainder of the match.


Any player receiving a red card must face a tribunal hearing to determine his availability for the remainder of the

tournament. The tribunal will consist of the Tournament Director only.

Evidence is to be presented by the player red carded and the reporting umpire and third parties from the

opposition team only if required. Both the umpire and player may have one representative present to speak on their behalf.