Play AFL Clubs

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Regardless of age or ability, there are opportunities for you to play AFL at your Play AFL Club or at Play AFL Event Days.

A new format for participation will be Play AFL Event Days. More information will be available soon for Play AFL Event Days, but to register your interest, please email

Modules at Play AFL Clubs and Event Days are non-contact, social and fun.

There are two formats for Play AFL Clubs.

Junior Play AFL Clubs operate AFL KiwiKick only, for children aged 5-12. Enter AFL KiwiKick as an individual.


Full Play AFL Clubs operate AFL KiwiKick, along with AFL 9s modules for teenagers, male, female and mixed participants. Entry into AFL 9s modules can be as a team or as an individual.

To register your interest for AFL KiwiKick at a Play AFL Club, please Click Here.