AFL at Home

Be Active For Life at home!

If you have any type of football, give some of our videos a go and improve your fundamental skills and learn some Healthy habits with Healthy Kicks

AFL KiwiKick at home online

The fundamental skills of ‘Kick, Catch, Pass and Bounce’ are utilised throughout the AFL KiwiKick Programme and are transferable to a wide range of sports

Interactive Footy Skills Lab

Get ready to test your skills with Google’s Footy Skills Lab – an interactive experience powered by Google AI. Learn new skills, try the activities and generate your scorecard to share with friends and family.

Healthy Kicks

Healthy Kicks is a fun and entertaining health and fitness program designed specifically to encourage children aged 6 to 12 years old to embrace healthy eating, mindfulness and exercise.

Through fun fitness, healthy food education and engaging games, Healthy Kicks is sure to be a winner with your students and their families

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