2016 AFLNZ Premiership selection update

The inaugural season of the AFL New Zealand Premiership will kick off on Sunday February 14 at North Harbour Stadium where four teams will compete in the 9 round season culminating in late April.


The AFLNZ Premiership is seen as the perfect opportunity for a higher level competition providing an extension to the traditional regional league seasons spanning between August to December each year.


In the latest round of picks,


The Northern Suns have selected:

Jamie Exeter (Canterbury)

Tyler Rakich (Auckland)

Connor McWilliams (Auckland)

Willem Van Der Wilt (Otago)

Kieran Brunel (Canterbury)

Josh Robles (Canterbury)


The Western Crows have selected:

Preston Kerr (Auckland)

Patrick Gibbs (Auckland)

Jay Johnson (Canterbury)

Ryan O’Sullivan (Canterbury)

Sam Burdett (Canterbury)

Dan Benny (Otago)

Josh Mackie (Otago)


The Southern Saints have selected:

Jordan Thompson (Auckland)

Keegan McCauley (Auckland)

Charles Barnes (Canterbury)

Antony Stadnyk (Otago)

Jack Green (Wellington)

Chris Burnett (Canterbury)


The Central Giants have selected:

Nathan Blundell (Otago)

Sean Andrews (Waikato)

Max Stuart (Northland)

Tim Hollingsworth (Auckland)

Taylor Alaelua (Auckland)

Chaitanya Proctor (Otago)


Check out the up to date Player profiles by clicking the teams below.

Player Profiles:


Northern Suns homepageWestern Crows

Southern SaintsCentral Giants


2016 AFL New Zealand Premiership Season Schedule

North Harbour Stadium

Round 1               February 14th

Round 2               February 21st

Round 3               February 28th

Round 4               March 6th

Round 5               March 13th

Round 6               March 20th

Easter Break

Round 7               April 3rd

Round 8               April 10th

Round 9               April 17th



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