AFL New Zealand Premiership Rising Star award

The AFL New Zealand Rising Star award will be awarded weekly to a standout young player in the 2016 AFL New Zealand Premiership.


The players will be selected by High Performance and Youth Manager Mick Coultard to those who show the ability of the 6 core components it takes to become an AFL Player.

To be eligible to be nominated for the award, a player must be born in 1997 or younger.

Make sure you keep an eye out on the AFLNZ Premiership page each week to see who will be the next superstars of the AFL.


Players to watch:


Joseph Alesich-Tamariki 1Christian Blackie 2Ben Armstrong 3Seb Serrano 1

Carlos Donnel-Brown 2Connor Mcgeough 2zeon mcnabb 2Jackson Rolleston 3



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