Business Development Advisor Appointed for AFL New Zealand Premiership

Kenny Halliday, Director of Standout Solutions Ltd (SoS Ltd) has been appointed Business Development Advisor for the 2016 AFL New Zealand Premiership.

Kenny HallidayHelping people to succeed is a strong driver for Halliday and his focus on the AFL New Zealand Premiership will work on the ethos that to win in sport, business and life there is a requirement for trust, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge.

Halliday has worn many hats in his career including, telecommunications specialist, intelligence analyst, sport development manager, coaching manager, community sport director and chief executive. As a result, he has a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and build effective partner relationships.

His experience and professional values will ensure that operations within the AFL New Zealand Premiership;

 Assess situations strategically without losing focus on implementation.

 Engage and connect different organisations to achieve joint outcomes.

                                   Inspire and lead teams of volunteer and professional  personnel.