Further Secondary Draft picks confirmed for Premiership

The AFL New Zealand Premiership teams have completed another step towards finalising player lists with further player selections through the Secondary Draft.


Following on from completing Retained Player Lists for the four AFL New Zealand Premiership teams, each side commenced its player ranks with 13 players listed and retained from the previous season.

AFL New Zealand Premiership Coaches then participated in the National Draft on November 22nd and added a further 9 players to their team lists for a total of 22 players with more to be added with this and future Secondary Draft selections.


Western Crows have selected:

Peter Pirangi (North Shore Tigers)


Central Giants have selected:

Andrew Johnston (Waitakere Magpies)


Southern Saints have selected:

Harison Manks (Wellington Saints)

Tom Bekkers (Otago Riot)

Seb Serrano (University Blues)

*Zac Maio, Reyne Westbury and Utu Ah Kuoi have been released by the Saints.


Northern Suns have selected:

Josh White (North Shore Tigers)

Brad Mavor (Christchurch Bulldogs)

Michael Gregson (Waitakere Magpies)

Jonathon Ilaua (Mt Roskill Saints)

*Nathan Lenihan, Ben Pine and Keedon Bruce have been released by the Suns


Congratulations to all involved.