Heatwave incoming: Suns secure Premiership talent

The Northern Suns announced yesterday that they will forfeit the upcoming national draft and focus on players that can link easily to the Northern training hub.

Following their decision, the Suns have announced that Robert Harris, Daniel Pearce, Morgan Huggins, Jacob Tucker and Jarrad Watkins have joined the squad for the 2022 season.

Harris, Huggins and Tucker all make their way to the red hot Suns from the Western Crows. Robert and Morgan both made their debut in 2021 and are both looking forward to an even better season in 2022. Robert is a tall ruckman, who can move to both attack or defence, while Morgan is a beast around the contest and loves getting his hands on the footy.

Jacob Tucker returns to the Premiership after a 2 year hiatus and will be hungry for the ball. Fast and agile, Jacob is great down the wing, or playing off the half back flank.

Jarrad Watkins makes the move from the Saints and is a handy addition to the Suns squad. Watkins reads the game well and has a tremendous kick.

Dan Pearce will make his debut in 2022. The North Shore Tigers Captain is a key defender and a born leader. Pearce has previously been involved in the Premiership in a coaching role with the Central Giants.