New Zealand Hawk drafted

Mobile New Zealand half forward Tim Morton has confirmed his position in the AFL New Zealand National Draft.

The 26 year old University Blues goal kicker was a key member of the 2014 International Cup squad and most recently represented New Zealand against the AFL Academy at Westpac on ANZAC Day earlier this year.

His lanky frame and marking prowess is likely to see him feature highly in draft selections of the four teams participating in the 2016 AFL New Zealand Premiership competing for his services. More than his height and mobility, his ability to kick goals will be the number one asset likely to maintain the interest of coaching staff.

Exactly which team will secure his services will not be determined until draft day. There is no doubt that Northern Suns coach Chris Mundell will have his interest buoyed by the direct association with the University Blues Club.

Morton was looking forward to the inaugural season.

“To be able to play with and against the top players that this competition is going to provide is very exciting. I am looking forward to the Draft and regardless of which team I play for, I’ll be giving 100%.”


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