One more run for the veteran?

Brendan Clark has been a key feature in New Zealand AFL for over 10 years, and has racked up many accolades over his time playing the sport, most recently, a grand final win with the South Mornington senior football team.

The 35 year old, is still in great physical condition and is still leading the way for young players coming through, including his son Cooper Clark who is an exciting prospect for the future. Clark has been a big performer for the Crows in the last 3 seasons. After falling just short of a premiership title last season Clark will be eager to get his hands another title.

Clark is also in line to feature in the Pacific Cup next November and will be putting his best foot forward in the premiership to prove age is just a number and he still has what it takes to be one of the best forwards in the country.

The 2024 AFL New Zealand Premiership season is set to kick off on the 25th February 2024