Ravens win big against the Stars

The Ravens have come away victors with a big score line against the Southern Stars in Christchurch.

In a momentous occasion for the Women’s Premiership, with both the first game for the Southern Stars and also the first Women’s Premiership game played outside of Auckland. The game opened with a fiercely competitive opening quarter, with both sides coming out blazing and neither giving an inch, ending the opening quarter with scores level.

The Ravens had experience on their side and it started to shine through in the second quarter as gaps started open and the Ravens began to take full advantage of it. Indy and Poppy Gibson were holding strong for the Stars around the ground, but the Ravens ball movement and run and carry gave them an edge, giving them the opportunity to break away on the scoreboard, kicking two goals and give them a 13 point lead heading into halftime.

With a tight game on the cards, the Stars did incredibly well to keep up with the experienced Ravens side, but the tides turned further in the Ravens favour through the second half as they started to sour away through their midfielders with Coola Baudry and Buell Verkade disrupting play, and returning the ball forward where Tonya Botherway and Katie Adamson went on to dominate and kick three goals each throughout the half. The Ravens ended the game with a strong 10 goal tally, and have put a target on their backs for the rest of the season

The Hero

Coola Baudry was electric through the midfield, getting the Ravens started through every ruck, and working hard on both the offensive and defensive ends to get her team going and into scoring opportunities

The Support Crew

Katie Adamson and Tonya Botherway lead the scoring with both players kicking 3 goals each. Their leading and accuracy in front of goal had lethal consequences any time they got a shot on goal.

The Consolation Effort

Poppy Gibson was huge for the Stars, moving into different positions throughout the game. She worked incredibly hard, taking intercept marks, delivering the ball up the field and using her experience to help guide the Stars around the ground

Southern StarsWestern Ravens
1st Quarter0:3:30:3:3
Half Time0:3:32:4:16
3rd Quarter0:4:46:6:42
Full Time0:4:410:9:69

Goal Scorers

Southern Stars: nil

Western Ravens: Katie Adamson 3, Tonya Botherway 3, Latisha Trigwell 2, Ronja Pfeiffer 1, Liv Waldron 1.