Round 8 Draft Selections to be named today.

Following the confirmation of player availability, the Round 8 Draft selections for the AFL New Zealand will be announced lunchtime today. Coaches will have contacted selections earlier today prior to the announcement that will feature eight player from Draft Categories 2 & 3.


The Draft Category 2 & 3 involves players based regionally outside of Auckland. Draft nominees from the Category based in Dunedin, Canterbury and Wellington, will fly in weekly for games, whilst those based in Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Northland will also be included within the section.

With National Provincial matches scheduled for Christchurch the weekend of December 5th and 6th, it is expected that further signings following confirmation of availability, will be announced early next week.

The opportunity for coaching staff from the four AFL New Zealand Premiership teams, to view players from three regions on Saturday will assist greatly in fast tracking the National Draft.

With 109 players now signed, it is hoped the provincial matches scheduled for this Saturday in Christchurch will be a contributing factor in increasing these numbers to 130


Selection order for Round 8 draft picks is as follows;

Round 8 Draft Picks (Category 2 Regional & Category 3 Satellite Senior)

Will involve the selection of eight players, two by each team.

Southern Saints                Selections 1 and 8 Category 2 & 3

Central Giants                   Selections 2 and 7 Category 2 & 3

Northern Suns                  Selections 3 and 6 Category 2 & 3

Western Crows                 Selections 4 and 5 Category 2 & 3


As information on player availability becomes more readily available, the inclusion experienced overseas based players, developing talent and regional players will continue.