Second AFL Venue christened at QBE Stadium

Following on from the successful introduction of a new venue to host the inaugural 2016 AFL New Zealand Premiership,  a second AFL venue will be on display at QBE Stadium this weekend.


The new hybrid turf facility at QBE Stadium will host Round 5 of the AFL New Zealand Premiership on Sunday March the 12th.

The turf is the latest addition to QBE Stadium and features an artificial turf layer which allows grass to grow through from underneath. This method is used to help keep a consistent playing surface all year round. Southern Saints and Northern Suns will have the honours of opening the venue at 11.30am this weekend.

The new oval has been increased in size to incorporate AFL specifically and has been touted as a potential venue for an AFL pre-season fixture in the future.

QBE Stadium falls under the umbrella of Auckland Stadiums who, as part of their portfolio,  oversee the current redevelopment of Western Springs Stadium as it too, works towards the hosting of regular AFL fixtures within New Zealand’s largest city.

The main stadium will eventually become a feature of the facility with its ability to utilise viewing opportunities to both the smaller Rugby/Soccer field and hybrid turf utilised by AFL.

This weekend’s games will feature a top of the table clash between the Southern Saints and Northern Suns at 11.30am followed by the Western Crows lead by Jared Court taking on the Central Giants at 1.45pm.

Entry is free to this weekend’s games and the ground can be accessed by Gate H at QBE Stadium.