Shannon Wall takes on the Central Giants

Wellington based Shannon Wall has been appointed coach of the Central Giants for the 2016 AFL New Zealand Premiership Season.

The current New Zealand Under 16 Coach is obviously well versed at developing young talent. This is very evident through the success he achieved with St Kilda Football Clubs first International Scholarship signing, Joe Baker Thomas. The procession of young talent and their continued improvement in the Wellington region have all passed through Walls guidance at some point.

Current U16 NZ Hawks Coach Shannon Wall

His success with the younger age group will to some extent benefit other teams other than the Central Giants when it comes time for the New Zealand National Draft but this is not Walls concern. “I’m looking forward to the success of all the players in the AFL New Zealand Premiership. If we as coaches can assist with the players development then I have done my job. I am likely to be able to reacquaint with some of the players I coached two and three years ago and so I can’t wait for the challenge.”

Tasmanian born, Shannon Wall is a student of the game and his growing knowledge of training and development techniques will be of great benefit to the Giants.

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“My greatest concern is in balancing the workload of travelling players. Individual players based in Wellington, Canterbury and Dunedin will find it very hard to travel all 9 rounds and so we will work towards a share system that increases the amount of available players in the region and limits their travel at the same time.”

With the four coaches now appointed for the 2016 New Zealand Premiership we await the announcement of the captains to lead the four new teams to take place over the next week.