Western Ravens remain unbeaten, qualify for the Grand Final

The Western Ravens have held strong against a tight first half contest for the Northern Storm to remain unbeaten in the Women’s Premiership

The Storm started the game quickly scoring the opening goal of the game and putting the pressure on the Ravens early. The Ravens would not be kept down for long though and returned with 2 goals of their own in the quarter.

A tight battle in the second quarter saw both sides taking multiple shots on goal. Once again Ravens key forward Angela Byrne proved to be a nightmare to handle. The leading goal scorer for the competition thus far continues to keep put up big numbers kicking another 3 goals for the game. After a back and forth contest the Ravens just managed to increase their lead to be up by 11 at the half time break.

High hopes filled the Northern Storms ranks as they entered the third quarter, behind by only 2 goals. However the Ravens came out firing on all cylinders, taking control of the game on attack and defense. Olivia Waldron and Sam Bramwell combined well in the midfield, their work rate on and off the ball lead to multiple scoring opportunities. The Ravens kept the Storm scoreless and kicked 3 more goals to take a commanding lead heading into the fourth

The Storm returned to their earlier form to finish the game, but the damage had been done in the third and the Ravens were to far ahead for the Storm to catch up.

The Hero

Kelsy Burns played a massive role in the Ravens win. She competed in contest after contest and won plenty of ball. Her defensive efforts played a big role in keeping the Storm scoreless in the third

The Support Crew

Ceyan Tungane Drollet was relentless throughout the game. She hunted the ball down well and was aggressive in the contact zone, making a number of big tackles. Jess Whattam was also huge on defense, marking up against different opponents, she put the pressure on every one of them.

The Consolation Effort

Izzy Goodwin might only have a small frame but that doesn’t stop her from competing hard at the ball. Her attack at the football and her skills with ball in hand make her a dangerous option up front.

Quarter Time:                   Storm 1 1 8      Ravens 2 2 14
Half Time:                         Storm 3 4 22    Ravens 5 3 33
3 Quarter Time:               Storm 3 4 22    Ravens 8 9 57
Full Time:                          Storm 4 7 31    Ravens 10 13 73

Goal Scorers

Northern Storm: Rebecca Lenehan 2, Izzy Goodwin 1, Latisha Trigwell-Achmad 1

Western Ravens: Angela Byrne 3, Olivia Waldron 3, Ceyan Tunagne Drollet 1, Hayley Leat 1, Emma Collins 2