Falcons beat the All Stars in their second clash

The Falcons have beaten the All Stars in their second ever clash. The Clash was an incredible showcase of the talent playing in New Zealand and set the perfect platform for players looking to secure a spot in the squad that will going on campaign in November.

The contest from the first ball up was electric, as the two sides went at each other. Running with the wind, the Falcons attacked hard and early kicking a goal early and setting a tone for what would be a strong quarter for them. The All Stars struggled to capitalise on their forward momentum kicking into the wind, leaving the door open for the Falcons to counter attack. The strong opening quarter for the Falcons saw them kick 5 goals, and held the All Stars to just one behind, giving the Falcons a commanding 32 point lead at the end of the First quarter.

With the wind now against them, the pressure was on for the Falcons to hold on to their lead. The aerial contest made it hard for the All Stars to grab a clean mark and take a set shot at goal, and the Falcons midfield word hard to stop players running through to get a clean shot away. The Falcons counterattack was still working well for them, and although they were limited to their shots on goal, they still managed to 3 between the uprights. The All Stars closed the quarter with a goal of their own, but the Falcons had drawn out their lead to 39 points entering the half time break.

With a comfortable lead on the scoreboard, the Falcons were adamant in not letting the All Stars back into the game. Having already been moving the ball round well, they lifted again in the third, executing the switch play well, and running freely into open space. Lachie McBride and Logan Toomer were having a great day leading up front and took a heap of marks, giving themselves multiple shots on target. The Falcons kicked six goals for the quarter and pushed the lead out to 71 points.

With nothing to lose, the All Stars found their form, and made the Falcons pay, working the ball high up the ground, and then flooding the field, to stop the ball form coming back out. All Star midfielder Sam Anderson lead the charge, and All Stars started to claw back the score line. With time running out, the points deficit was proving to great to be able to catch, the All Stars endeavor ran right up to the final whistle, and while they couldn’t catch the Falcons, they put on an excellent display of how dangerous a side they can be. The Falcons coming away as winners for the second time, by 60 points.

Young Falcons Dan Howie and Lachie McBride put on two great performances and put their best foot forward for the November campaign. One of the few true Rucks in the country, Dan connected well around the ground, and his slick hands and great ball delivery was once again put on full display. Lachie is a great young forward and did not look out of place in his debut for the senior side, taking strong marks all game, and capitalising with 3 great goals, he is an exciting prospect.

Off the back of a great Premiership season for the Southern Saints, Sam Anderson had a strong game in the midfield for the All Stars. He has a great skill set and a high fitness level, which allowed to put pressure on defensively and then run up the other end in attack. Part of the Australian contingent in the All Stars, Matt Allen also had a great game and was a handful for the Falcons defense to manage. Making strong contested marks around the ground, and throwing his body into every contest he could, he, gave the All Stars plenty of ball off the back of his work ethic.

NZ FalconsAll Stars
First Quarter5:3:330:1:1
Half Time8:4:521:7:13
Third Quarter14:7:912:8:20
Full Time15:10:1005:10:40

Goal Scorers

NZ Falcons: Logan Toomer 4, Lachie McBride 3, Touariki Dodds 2, Alastair Maisey 1, Henry Russell 1, Josh Robles 1, Sam Cairns 1, Sean Butler 1, Xavier Rice 1

All Stars: Caden Lewis 1, Jakob Campbell 1, Logan Bonhomme 1, Sam Anderson 1, Tristan Burnett 1

Best on Ground

Falcons: Lachie McBride, Dan Howie

All Stars: Sam Anderson, Matt Allen