Green Bay High School Students step up thanks to AFL New Zealand

Students at Green Bay High School are learning new skills, and gaining valuable experience through being part of the AFL New Zealand “Coach the Coaches” programme. The exciting partnership between Green Bay High School, AFL New Zealand and Konini Primary School is beneficial for all concerned.

The Green Bay High School students participated in eight coaching sessions culminating in the delivery of what they have learned within a local primary school. Once they were ready to put their new skills into practice, they began working with students at Konini Primary School, delivering the AFL KiwiKick sessions in a structured format in conjunction with both teacher and AFL New Zealand staff supervision.

The improvements in confidence, communication skills and teaching skills shown by the Green Bay High School students were extremely noticeable over the course of the Coach the Coaches programme. Adrian Hopwood, Green Bay’s teacher in charge, had plenty of praise for his students.

“Through this programme, and through learning how to break down skills and reteach them, the students have really developed themselves. They have really learned how to think more laterally.”

Credits at NCEA Level 2 were on offer for students participating in the Coach the Coaches programme. On the back of their strong work at Konini Primary School, there are several opportunities for the students.

Firstly they will also earn accreditation as a Level 1 AFL KiwiKick Coach, meaning they have the initial qualification to deliver the AFL KiwiKick programme in the future.

Career opportunities are also a motivating factor for many of the Green Bay High School students. For those wanting to pursue a career in coaching or teaching, learning through the AFL KiwiKick programme will give them the valuable experience of being part of a structured coaching programme that is transferable to any number of sports. The quality of delivery by the Green Bay students has resulted in the offer casual employment positions surrounding delivery of the AFL KiwiKick programme for suitable candidates.

The other benefits of being part of AFL New Zealand’s Coach the Coaches programme were less tangible, but no less present for the Green Bay High School students. Through being part of AFL KiwiKick, they are encouraged to live healthy active lifestyles through sport. Their own sporting skills have also improved, no matter what code they play, as the AFL KiwiKick programme teaches fundamental movement skills valuable for a wide variety of sports.

The students at Konini Primary School also enjoyed the experience. With a good ratio of coaches to students, they got plenty of focused attention, and improved their fundamental movement skills rapidly as a result. The AFL KiwiKick programme is well known for using games that practise and refine skills, as well as the most important element of all, fun.

For the students at Konini Primary School, this was a chance to learn fundamental movement skills that they will use throughout their sporting lives. For the Green Bay High School students, the Coach the Coaches programme provides an opportunity to improve their coaching skills, to gain experience, confidence and knowledge about the sporting industry which is undoubtedly an industry that will be part of their future. For everyone involved, it encourages participation in sport and living healthy lifestyles through sport. AFL New Zealand is proud to offer students these opportunities through its programme and significantly increase the capability within our sport.

For more information about Coach the Coaches, contact Reg Ranchhod, National Schools Manager, at