Waitakere Magpies complete their perfect season

The Waitakere Magpies Women’s Team have finished of their unbeaten season with a big win over the North Shore Tigers to secure the premiership. 

The Magpies started off the game strong kicking a goal in the opening minutes of the first quarter. they would then go on to kick another 3 goals before the break, giving themselves a commanding 25 point lead. The Tigers made a tactical decision to put star player Cassie Ormsby in the backline where she would go on to dominate, taking strong intercept marks and clearances, helping the tigers to stay in the fight.

However, the Magpies were relentless in their efforts all game. AAFLW Best and Fairest and runner up, Jolyn Collins and Catriona O’Brian showed why they are among the league’s best, constantly getting their hands on the ball and putting continuous pressure on the Tigers defence.

Unable to capitalise on their scoring shots, the Tigers struggled to close the gap, and the pressure put on by the Magpies, let points continue to slip through eventually coming away with a 49 point win to finish the season

Best on Ground:

Waitakere Magpies: Catriona O’Brian

North Shore Tigers: Cassie Ormsby


Waitakere Magpies: 7:12:54

Goal Scorers: Ang Byrne 3, Rubee-Leigh Poata 1, Jolyn Collins 1, Kristin Farrell 1, Catriona O’Brian 1

Tigers: 0:5:5

Story – Auckland AFL