AFL New Zealand partners with Zena Sport

28 Jul, 2020

The Women’s game is growing rapidly and AFL New Zealand has partnered with Zena Sport, who are leading the way in female impact protection garments for contact sports.

Zena have developed a world leading performance garment that not only protects but assists with prevention and recovery. A product that will allow girls and women to play contact sport to their full potential, whilst raising awareness and starting a conversation about the need to protect themselves while playing a contact sport.

The Zena Z1 performance garment has been put through the highest standard of sports science impact testing via leading Australian Universities to provide the best protection while being extremely lightweight and agile with no restriction to a players movements.

  • Absorb breast impact from elbows, chest marking and ground impact
  • Added rib protection for overhead marking and tackle pressure
  • Prevent injury from scratching and groping
  • Not visible under jumper
  • Easy to get on and off with a protected front zip
  • Designed and developed in Australia
  • Suitable for juniors through to seniors
  • Approved & endorsed by the AFLW for use in competition

Zena have developed working partnerships with leading bodies in the AFLW, Deakin University and Sports Medical Researchers. Together, they will continue to innovate Zena to ensure female players at all levels can reach their maximum potential in their chosen sport.

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