Funding Tips

Top Tips from the Funders:

The Trusts Community Foundation

TTCF is a national not – for – profit company established to distribute funds generated from gaming machines operated by some licensing trusts, hotels and sports clubs (our gaming venues) around New Zealand. The priority of the TTCF Directors is to approve grants to not – for – profit organisations operating in local communities where the funds were generated.

Applications close on the 10th of every month except December. Forms can be downloaded from the TTCF website. Applications for projects within the following sectors are welcome:

  • Sport and recreation
  • Education
  • Community wellbeing
  • Arts, Heritage and the Environment

Sport and recreation

Applications for funding can be made for the provision or assistance in the provision of facilities, equipment or playing uniforms for amateur sporting clubs and amateur sporting teams affiliated to the appropriate regional or national body, playing in recognised published leagues or competitions.

For a more in-depth list of what purposes will and will not be funded please visit The Trusts Community Foundation website

Top 5 Tips:

  1. ‘Check the ‘Gaming Venues’ on the TTCF website to see if TTCF has a gaming venue in your local community

  1. Check the ‘Funding Rounds’ information for closing dates, decision dates and payment dates especially if applying for an event which takes place and needs to be paid for by a specific date
  2. Complete the application in full and provide all supporting documentation requested
  3. Ensure you are only applying for ‘authorised purposes’ as listed on our website
  4. If you have any questions please ring the TTCF Grants Office on 0800 882 3583 ext. 2

The Lion Foundation

The Lion Foundation was established in 1985 and to date has given over $750 million back to the Community.

The Foundation’s broad based funding approach provides funds more widely than any other trust in the country across the categories of Sport (40%), Health (15%), Education (15%) and Community (30%), which includes the Arts, Heritage, Culture and the Environment. Our aim is to be New Zealand’s leading charitable trust, nationally recognised and respected for helping people achieve great things in the community.

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Check if you are eligible for funding, visit
  2. Check if there is a Lion Foundation gaming venue within 5kms of your base. Our policy is to return funds to areas where they were generated.
  3. Complete the application form in full and include all documentation requested. An incomplete or ineligible application will be returned.
  4. If you’re unsure about any aspect of the application or funding process, it’s better to seek clarification. Before sending in an application. Phone us on 0800 802 908 or visit our webpage.
  5. We only take one application per year so plan ahead.

The NZ Community Trust

NZCT is one of NZ’s largest gaming trusts. We distribute $35 – $40 million each year to a range of sporting and community organisations around the country.

While our primary purpose is to support amateur sport (a minimum of 75% of our grants are for this purpose), we also fund a range of other local activities. We expect to have around $7.5 million available to distribute in Auckland over the coming year.

Please see their website for information on their application process at

Top Tips:

  1. Plan and prioritise

Make sure your application is for items that are top priorities for your organisation those which will       help it achieve its planned objectives for the year. As the volume of gaming funds available for communities continues to reduce, societies such as NZCT will be looking to support requests for ‘must haves’ rather than ‘nice to haves’.

  1. Do your research

Gaming societies generally look to fund organisations that are based in the communities from where they have raised their funds. Find out which societies operate gaming machines in your community and what their grants criteria and funding priorities are. You’ll find a list of gaming venues on the DIA website Each gaming society should have its funding criteria detailed on its own website.

  1. Don’t assume

Don’t assume funders know about your organisation. Always include a summary of what you do, how you.

Engage with your community and how funding will help your organisation achieve its objectives. For larger applications, include a copy of your strategic plan and annual business plan.

  1. Be accurate

Fill in the application form as directed, uploading all requested quotes and supporting documents.

Incomplete applications are generally declined. Ideally, have another committee member review your application for completeness and accuracy before submitting it.

  1. Be honest

There is no point in trying to mislead a funder whether it’s as to when your project will proceed, or what other funding you already have (or don’t have) in place. If you have already asked another funder for a grant for the same purpose, or plan to, tell us (we generally find out anyway!). It is important to be open and transparent.

  1. Show us how you are helping yourself

Funders are more inclined to help organisations that are actively trying to help themselves. Always

summarise what other fundraising your members are doing to raise funds for your organisation.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

A good application should achieve all of the above and, quickly and succinctly, reinforce to the funder reasons why you are too good to decline. These details can be included in a covering letter as

Funding Workshop an attachment to your application. But don’t write a novel – a page or two of key points is all it takes to help stand out from the crowd.

  1. Retain proof of expenditure

You’ll be required to provide proof of expenditure for all gaming society grants received. Make sure you keep good records and provide copies of all paid invoices and bank statements showing payment (generally within 90 days of receiving the grant). A grants file isn’t closed until proof of expenditure has been provided to the gaming society. Failure to provide adequate accountability is likely to affect all future funding requests.

  1. Tell us if your circumstances change

You can only spend grant funds on the purposes approved by the gaming society. If, for some reason, your plans change and the funds are not needed for that purpose, contact the society or return the funds. Don’t assume the money can be used for any other purpose.

Pub Charity

With more than 25 years history of raising funds for organisations New Zealand wide, Pub Charity is committed to supporting Kiwi communities through funds raised from gaming machines in pubs. At Pub Charity, we are genuine in our desire to provide enduring community benefit and accomplish this through distributing funds to a wide range of interest groups. Funds raised are ring-fenced by territorial local authority and priority is given to applicants physically located within the communities in which our funds are generated. Here are some of the key things you need to be aware of before you apply for funding:

  • Visit and read through our criteria in our application form to establish if you are eligible to apply.
  • Ensure you complete the entire application form and provide all the required documentation. It may slow the process down if your application is incomplete.
  • Avoid deadline blues. Check our website for application deadlines and plan ahead! Pub Charity meets monthly excluding December and cannot approve retrospective requests.

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Ask for someone from the Donations Team on 0800 GAMING.

The Auckland Council

The Auckland Council has a range of contestable funds available to assist communities with projects and events that will help Auckland become the world’s most liveable city. While some of the funds are open to the entire Auckland region, most are funds established by the former councils and are open to people and projects in the former council boundaries.

The most appropriate source of funding for your project will depend on the nature of your activities and their geographical location. You can read about the individual funding schemes available in your area by visiting the funding and grants section on the Auckland Council website.

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Complete the application in full and turn in by the cut-off date
  2. Have a strong project that aligns with the Auckland Council or Local Board priorities (depending on the fund)
  3. Have clear outcomes
  4. Include financial and project information
  5. Be accountable for funding previously received

Foundation North

Foundation North is an independent grant making organisation supporting the work of not for-profit groups in Auckland and Northland.

Founded on the sale of its shares in ASB bank, the Trust has made grants worth more than $750m since being formed in 1988.

Our visionis to enhance equity and enrich society in Auckland and Northland. Any incorporated society or charitable trust in those areas can applyfor funds, provided they are a not-for-profit organisation.

We fund projects that:

  • Reduce poverty and disadvantage
  • Protect the environment
  • Preserve our heritage
  • Support art and culture
  • Encourage sport
  • Boost recreation
  • Improve learning and health outcomes

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Know what we fund and don’t fund – check the exclusions list
  2. Gather information about your project
  3. Gather information about funding sources & contact them
  4. Complete the appropriate funding application for your project
  5. Account for funding you have received

Pelorus Trust

The Pelorus Trust is a charitable trust based in Lower Hutt which raises funds for charitable, philanthropic and sporting purposes through the operation of gaming machines. We are a mid-sized gaming trust operating machines from hotels and taverns between Far North District and Nelson/Marlborough.

The Trust maintains an open and equitable funding regime that enables non-profit organisations such as sports clubs, cultural groups, and community-based societies or trusts to apply for funds through a transparent and efficient application process

The Canterbury Community Trust


In our Sport and Recreation funding sector we aim to support community organisations working to:

  • Increase participation and engagement in the community
  • Demonstrate positive social and health benefits in the community
  • Recognise the diversity of our communities
  • Have strong collaborative principles within the sport or recreation sector or through alignment with other organisations in their community
  • Have a focus around unstructured sporting and recreational activities and are able to demonstrate strong community and social outcomes
  • Enhancing the capacity of entities working within this area

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