How to Verify My Vaccine Pass

Note – when using the term ‘programmes’ in the document below, this covers, Trainings, Games, Gathering, Events & Campaigns  

Download NZ Pass Verifier app to your phone  

Download NZ Pass Verifier 

How to use the NZ Pass Verifier app 

How to use NZ Pass Verifier 

Scanning passes with no internet 

AFL New Zealand NZ Pass Verifier Process 

Where possible, AFL New Zealand will look to sight Vaccine Passes in advance to verify attendees prior to the commencement of programmes. 

A list of expected attendees and current verification status will be available at all AFL New Zealand programmes. 

If a person has not been verified or is not on the list or prior to the programme, they must be verified at the programme and this includes all people 12 Years and 3 months or older. 

If the name does not appear on the list please add manually as an unexpected attendee. 

Process to Verify at a Programmes 

Scan with NZ Pass Verifier (See link above on how to download) 

Verify the pass if valid (See link above on how to use the NZ Pass Verifier app)  

Valid Pass 

You will get a tick if it’s a valid pass. 

To verify, you can check against the attendance list of names with date of birth to assist you with your verification process.  

In the cases of unfamiliar people proof of identification is another tool at your disposal.  

Please state to all attendees  

“Would you like us to record your pass as sighted, so you won’t be required to scan again?” 

If the attendee answers yes, record. 

Full name (on the list already) 

Sited date 

Expiry date (this is on the pass on the persons phone, or print out) 

Relationship to programme, ie 

  • Participant 
  • Parent 
  • Coach 
  • Umpire 
  • Spectator  
  • Your name as person who has sited the valid pass 

If the attendee prefers you not to record the Vaccine Pass as sighted, no record of sighting of verification should be recorded. Please advise the attendee they will require to scan on next attendance. 

Invalid Pass or No Vaccine Pass 

If the NZ Vaccine Pass is not valid, the app will tell you why this might be, this could include: 

the pass has expired or the QR code can’t be verified. 

They CAN NOT participate with the rest of the group, as per the Government Protection Framework  

Please state; 

“Unfortunately, the instructions given to me by AFL New Zealand Office state that I can’t allow you to participate or spectate today. if you would like further information on this decision, you can contact the AFLNZ office. Contact details can be found on the AFLNZ website.” 

Medical Exemptions 

Those that do have an exception will be able to scan there MY vaccine Pass as proof. (ie. the business will not know that they have an exemption and verifies the pass in the normal way.  

Letters of exemption (including those from doctors) are not a valid exemption – in all cases ask for a pass. 

Can our attendees play or participate if they have only had one vaccination?  

Participants who have only had one vaccination cannot get a My Vaccine Pass. All participants must show a valid vaccination pass.  

Can our attendees use a negative COVID-19 test and come to an event or gathering where vaccine passes are used?  

A negative COVID-19 test is not a substitute for vaccinations for events or gatherings under the CPF. If there are unvaccinated people at your event or gathering, then you must follow the rules and limits for where vaccine passes are not used 

Sport NZ FAQs 

For further information on the Covid Framework you can link to Sport New Zealand’s FAQs –