New Zealand All Stars Campaign Information

he NZ Falcons and the NZ All Stars will square off on April 21st, 2024 at North Harbour Stadium in Auckland.

The game follows on from the original concept and match played in April 2023.

The match will take place following the completion of the 2024 AFL New Zealand Premiership season and provide a lead in to future representative matches taking place on the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore in November this year between November 17th and November 25th. Details of the Australian tour are yet to be finalised but are likely to include four matches against Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Tonga.

The NZ All Stars, New Zealand Falcons game will be an addition to the calendar and provide a solid contest for players currently playing at the highest level. With international travel restrictions now disappearing, it is expected that a surge of opportunities will present themselves to the New Zealand Teams Programme.

Falcons and All Stars Squad Selection

The New Zealand coaching group will work with regional personnel to work through the AFL New Zealand Premiership pool as well as those based overseas actively involved in club competition. Following selection, squad members will be provided with detail on fitness criteria as well as lead in training schedules. The involvement of Australian based players will be monitored and assessed dependent on Australian based commitments and travel restrictions.

Final teams will be selected, consisting of a maximum of 22 players to play a game on Sunday April 21st at North Harbour Stadium

Campaign dates

New Zealand based player will arrive in Auckland early on Sunday April 21st and departing that evening.

Training Schedule

New Zealand based squad members for both All Stars and Falcons will participate in the AFL New Zealand Premiership training sessions scheduled for the remainder of the 2024 season. Days and times will vary dependent on location.

NZ Coaches will advise of additional season training requirements with a session likely to take place on the week following the conclusion of the Premiership season.

If you are unable to attend any Training session you need to inform Coaching staff via Messenger prior to the session you will not be in attending. This is likely to have a bearing on your final selection.

Training dates and locations can be found at this link.

Game Venue

The match will take place at North Harbour Stadium Auckland on Sunday April 21st 2024.

New Zealand Falcons and All Star Coaches and Management team

Coaches, Managers and Regional assistants to be advised

Team Uniforms

The team will be supplied with You will also receive an off field polo shirt as part of your off field uniform. This will be covered through your player contribution.

You will be required supply black dress pants, shoes and belt as additional elements of your uniform. 

Playing uniforms consisting of New Zealand or All Star playing jumper, playing shorts and socks will be retained by AFL New Zealand.

After Match Function

Following on from the game played on Sunday April 21st , there will be a meal for both teams held at Marist North Harbour Club Rooms, walking distance from the game venue. Brief speeches will be made followed by the presentation of awards. Family and friends  are welcome to attend but meals will not be available.

Remaining Meals outside of functions

Fly in players will be provided with snacks on arrival but we recommend breakfast prior or during flight travel.

International and Domestic Flights

We are expecting players to participate from venues including Australia, Wellington, Northland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Auckland.

All domestic flights will be booked and paid for by AFL New Zealand and are covered through your player contributions.

Ground Transportation

All ground transportation costs to and from airport, will be organised by AFL New Zealand and is covered through your player contributions.

Final New Zealand and All Star team selection

Final team selection will take place on Wednesday April 3rd with further changes based on injury assessment.

Coaching and Management expectations

Beyond the listed information, squad participants from All Stars and Falcons will be provided with further coaching and management expectations by way of video conferencing as well as additional contact sessions to be advised.

Following the announcement of teams for the match on April 21st 2024, there will be ongoing opportunities by way of training and development programmes for all squad members leading into 2024 High Performance Programmes and tours.

Coaches will advise of ongoing requirements.

Confirmation and Communication  

A majority of the communication will be carried out through email as well as face book. Please ensure you have accounts for both these means of communication.

Covid Protocols and Insurance

Travel insurance will not be included for your travel. If you wish to increase coverage, this will require personal organisation and will not be subsidised by AFL New Zealand.

Updated Covid protocol requirements will follow Australian and New Zealand Government guidelines and will be provided in the lead up to the campaign.

Additions to the 2024 Falcons and All Stars squads

Please note additions can and will be made to the squad to replace players that are not meeting the obligations required for national team selection.