2017 AVJennings Saints AFL Cup North and South Island Championship results

The 2017 AVJennings AFL Junior AFL Cup took place during the week where the best Secondary Schools in Auckland and Christchurch battled it out to become North and South Island Champions.


The championships follow the AFL Cup regional cluster tournaments that took place over the past 2 weeks in Auckland and Christchurch.

Proving ever popular each year, a number of students participating in the championships look to remain playing the sport and start their pathway by joining the AFL New Zealand Youth competition.


AFL Cup North Island Championships

Southern Cross Campus are the North Island Champions after going through the tournament at Onepoto Domain unbeaten. Whangarei Boys made the trip down to Auckland ended the competition with three wins for the day and star player Dylan Hook picking up player of the Tournament.

Rutherford College, Northcote College and Albany Junior High School were equal third finishing the day with one win each.


AFL New Zealand would like to thanks the following people making the event happen.

Southern Cross Campus:

Daniel King (Teacher in charge and head coach) and Dawson Nanai (Assistant coach and National representative).

Albany Junior High School:

Jamie Gresham (AFL New Zealand Premiership player and Waitakere Magpies squad member).

Northcote College: 

Paul Hewson (Teacher in charge) and Coach Alvin Grant (AFL New Zealand Academy).

Rutherford College: 

Jeff Silby (Teacher in charge and coach of the AFL New Zealand Academy).

Whangarei Boys High School:

Mike Elliot (Teacher in charge) and Lachlan Kennedy (National Representative and AFL New Zealand Premiership player)


Round 1:

Rutherford College: 9.2: 56 def. Albany Junior High School: 2.2: 14

Southern Cross Campus: 14.12: 96 def. Northcote College: 0.0: 0

Round 2:

Albany Junior High School: 6.2: 38 def. Northcote College: 3.5:23

Whangarei Boys High School: 4.5: 29 def. Rutherford College: 3.7:25

Round 3:

Whangarei Boys High School: 5.9: 39 def. Albany Junior High School: 2.0: 12

Southern Cross Campus: 6.5: 41 def. Rutherford College: 4.2: 26

Round 4:

Southern Cross Campus: 9.0: 54 def. Whangarei Boys High School: 1.8: 14

Northcote College: 7.3: 52  def. Rutherford College: 5.5: 35

Round 5:

Southern Cross Campus: 10.7: 67 def. Albany Junior High School: 1.3: 9

Whangarei Boys High School: 7.11: 53 def. Northcote College: 1.3: 9


Congratulations to Southern Cross Campus on winning the 2017 AFL Cup North Island Championships.


Players of the day:

Whangarei Boys High School: Bronson Kake
Albany Jr High School: Blake Forward
Rutherford College: Harrison Chapman
Southern Cross Campus: Stuart Tunley
Northcote College: Elliot Webster
AFL New Zealand Player of the Tournament: Dylan Hook (Whangarei Boys High School) 


Final Standings: 

1st Southern Cross       4 wins             258 points

2nd Whangarei Boys    3 wins             135 points

3rd Rutherford             1 win               142 points

4th Northcote              1 win               77 points

5th Albany Jr                1 win               73 points


AFL Cup South Island Championships

Congratulations to St Thomas of Canterbury College on winning the 2017 AFL Cup South Island Championships after an impressive performance over Papanui High School.

St Thomas of Canterbury College: 15.15: 105 def. Papanui High School: 5.4: 34


Players of the day:

St Thomas: Jacob Nyman
Papanui High School: Jamyee Wooddin
AFL New Zealand Player of the Tournament: Connor Hotton (St Thomas) 


AFL New Zealand would like to thanks the following people making the event happen.

St Thomas of Canterbury College:

Robbie Lang (Head coach and former Canterbury Cobras representative).

Papanui High School:

David Risdon (Head Coach and former Canterbury AFL Club player).


AFL New Zealand would also like to thank local Canterbury AFL volunteer Tharindu Ranabahu for umpiring the game.