2017 AVJennings Saints Junior AFL Cup unearths new AFL New Zealand talent

The 2017 AVJennings Saints Junior AFL Cup took place over the last 2 weeks where Secondary Schools in Auckland and Christchurch participated in playing AFL.


See below the results of the tournaments so far:


Greater Auckland Girls AFL Cup

Pukekohe High School went undefeated to became back to back champions in the Greater Auckland Girls AFL Cup at Onepoto Domain in Northcote. After edging a gallant Albany Junior High School side by one point, they went on to defeat Rutherford college by twenty one points and remain the champions of Auckland in 2017.


Round 1:

Pukekohe High School: 2.1:13  def.  Albany Jr High School: 2.0.12

Goal Scorers: 

Pukekohe High School: Ruiha Bhana 1, Moana Parata 1

Albany Jr High School: Caitlin Hannah 1, Sasha Taylor 1

Round 2:

Rutherford College: 3.1:19 def. Albany Jr High School: 1.3:9

Goal Scorers:

Rutherford College: Janie Rose Paniora 1, Kennedy Pirini 1, Briana Watson 1

Albany Jr High School: Marissa Porteous 1

Round 3:

Pukekohe High School: 6.4:40 def. Rutherford College: 3.1:19

Goal Scorers:

Pukekohe High School: Sarah Carpenter 4, Ruiha Bhana 1

Rutherford College: Sade Toki 2, Arielle Schwalger 1.


Congratulations to Pukekohe High School on winning the 2017 Greater Auckland Girls Junior AFL Cup.


Players of the day:

Pukekohe High School: Ruiha Bhana

Albany Jr High School: Marissa Porteous

Rutherford College: Janie Rose Paniora


Counties Manukau/Auckland Junior AFL Cup

Southern Cross Campus School took out the Counties Manukau/Auckland AFL Cup after an impressive performance. Coached by Southern Cross senior student and New Zealand National representative, the team went through the tournament undefeated.

Rosehill College senior student and New Zealand National representative Ronan Morling coached the junior team while New Zealand Premiership player and Teacher Brad Ingram coached Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate.


Round 1

Southern Cross Campus: 8.5:53 def. Pukekohe High School: 1.2:8

Rosehill College:  8.3:51 def. Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate: 5.7:37

Round 2

Pukekohe High School: 8.5:53 def. Rosehill College: 5.4:34

Southern Cross Campus: 13.8:86 def. Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate: 1.1:7

Round 3

Pukekohe High School: 9.7:61 def.  Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate: 4.1:25

Southern Cross Campus: 10.9:69 def.  Rosehill College: 3.1:19


Congratulations to Southern Cross Campus on winning the 2017 Counties Manukau/Auckland Junior AFL Cup.


Players of the day:

Pukekohe High School: Keegan McCort

Southern Cross Campus: Charlie Salisa Leaumoana

Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate: Oliva Manson

Rosehill College: Bradley Moloney


North Harbour/Waitakere Junior AFL Cup

Former AFL New Zealand Academy coach Jeff Silby led Rutherford College to win the North Harbour/Waitakere Junior AFL Cup at Onepoto Domain in Northcote. Rutherford battled it out with Northcote College for the title with both teams stacked full of talent.

A special thanks to North Shore Tigers players Mitch Ryan and Christopher Wong for volunteering their time to help coach Kingsway and Albany Junior High School.


Round 1:

Northcote College: 9.4: 58 def. Kingsway School: 0.2: 2

Rutherford College: 12.7: 79 def. Albany Jr High School: 1.1: 7

Round 2:

Kingsway School: 5.3: 39 def. Albany Jr High School: 4.3: 27

Rutherford College: 10.6: 66 def. Northcote College: 3.4: 22

Round 3:

Rutherford College: 8.8: 56 def. Kingsway School: 2.2: 14

Northcote College: 9.6: 60 def. Albany Jr High School: 5.4: 34


Congratulations to Rutherford College on winning the 2017 North Harbour/Waitakere Junior AFL Cup.


Christchurch Junior AFL Cup

The 2017 Christchurch Junior AFL Cup was won by St Bede’s (A) College in wonderful conditions at Burnside. Canterbury AFL President Steve Langridge helped coach the St Bede’s (A) side while New Zealand age group representatives Sam Anderson and Finn Moffat coached the St Bede’s (B) side. AFL New Zealand Premiership player Adam Clarke helped out with the Papanui High School side.

AFL New Zealand would like to thank, Claire Kissick and Liam Foley from St Bedes, Dean Smith from St Thomas and Kirsten Hill at Papanui for all your hard work in organising the sides. Also to Wayne Sullivan from the AFL Canterbury community who time time out from work to help umpire on the day.


Round 1:

St Bedes A: 6.11: 47 def. St Thomas: 3.5: 23

St Bedes B: 11.5: 71 def. Papanui: 9.9: 63

Round 2:

St Bedes A: 17.15: 117 def. St Bedes B: 0.4: 4

St Thomas: 7.17: 59 def. Papanui:  4.6: 30

Round 3:

St Thomas: 11.9: 75 def. St Bedes B: 3.5: 23

St Bedes A: 16.11:107 def. Papanui: 1.5: 11


Congratulations to St Bedes (A) High School on winning the 2017 Christchurch Junior AFL Cup.


Players of the day:

St Bedes A: Elliot Prendergast

St Bedes B: Tom Shamy

Papanui: Caleb Macpherson

St Thomas: Kieran Charlton