2019 AFLNZ Premiership Round 4 Team of the Week

Each week throughout the 2019 Premiership season, AFL New Zealand will announce the ‘Team of the week’ which will feature the 24 best players from the previous weekends round.


We are almost halfway through the season and Tyson Schmid from the Central Giants has featured in all 4 weeks so far this year. The midfielder is having a stellar debut season for the Giants and fitting in nicely to his new side.

Nico Donnell-Brown (Saints) headlines the backline as he continues to have his best season of the Premiership. Nico is joined by Shane Leat (Crows) and Suns defender Paul Hogan.

Patrick Landy (Suns) returns from injury and slots directly back into the midfield alonsgide Crows best and fairest Jake Tucker.

It was hard to leave Sam Anderson out of the forward line after he bagged 5 goals against the Suns. Saints forward Harley Jenkins makes his second appearance for the season along with the Giants front man Troy Brown.