2021 AFLNZ Women’s Premiership Round 1 Team of the Week

Each week throughout the 2021 Premiership season, AFL New Zealand will announce the ‘Team of the week’ which will feature the 16 best players from the previous weekends round.

The ever reliable Melissa Baer headlines the backline and is joined by Emma Collins and Heather Feetham for the Bulldogs. Former NZ Kahu Captain, Jolyn Collins, Maggie Land and Sam Lightfoot were selected from the Magpies.

Angela Byrne had a strong game and features in the midfield beside team mate, Ceyan Drollet.

Up front, Jess McCormick, Alice Roy and speedster Holly Stephney feature for the Magpies, while best on ground, Sam Bramwell joins fellow Bulldogs, Kristin Farrell and Caitlin Hannah.