AAFL Div 2 Final: Pakuranga Panthers Dominate

Pakuranga 9.4:58 defeat University B 5.3:33

Playing in their first Grand Final Pakuranga got the better of the more experienced University B in every department of the game.  Putting it all together in the match that counts, the Panthers took their play several steps up from any of their previous performances, defending tenaciously for four quarters, and taking their chances in front of goal.  Greg Crestanello was Pakuranga’s player of the day with a strong marking and straight running performance.

Played; 1 David Quigg, 2 Chuck Slogrove, 3 Jared Pollock, 4 Lance Talbot, 6 Brodyn Bevan, 7 Tim Crestanello, 8 Greg Crestanello, 10 Aidan Peterson, 12 Logan Kinnear(c), 14 Mike Taylor, 15 Tim Elsley, 16 Ken Rowe, 17 James Mackinder, 18 Scott Sodgrove, 22 Cameron McLean, 23 Phil Elsley, 24 Michael Wilson, Coach Brodyn Bevan, Manager Will McKenzie, Trainers T J Jharoo & Terry Carroll.  Goals; Paterson, Rowe, Mackinder, McLean, Wilson, Bevan 2, Taylor 2.