AFL coaches to ‘Evolve’

AFL New Zealand National Youth Manager, Mick Coultard and Southern Saints playing Assistant Coach Andriu Sucu have been confirmed for the prestigious Coach Evolve programme in 2018.


Coach Evolve is an Auckland-wide, values-based coach development programme for active development coaches working in clubs, schools and the community from a range of sports. Running for a year, the programme is collaboratively designed and delivered between Aktive – Auckland Sport & Recreation and regional delivery partners – Harbour Sport, CLM Community Sport, Sport Waitakere and Sport Auckland. It aims to give coaches the latest knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to deliver life-changing experiences every time they coach.

Aktive Coaching and Talent Development Manager, Luke Morriss, says the development coaching community supports and influences thousands of people every week.

“Coaches provide more than just the technical and tactical sporting knowledge – they also shape values, beliefs and behaviours that are used in everyday life such as leadership, teamwork and commitment,” says Morriss.

“We know that coaching an athlete changes a life, but coaching a coach changes a community. This is particularly important to how we are co-creating a world-class sport system in Auckland, community by community.”

Congratulations to the 62 selected coaches:

  • Andriu Sucu (AFL)
  • Michael Coultard (AFL)
  • Will Guy (Climbing)
  • Randal Bartholomew (Hockey)
  • Brett Craies (Rugby)
  • Rob Mackenzie (Rowing)
  • Joshua Ridgley (Trampoline)
  • Alice Black (Football)
  • Jeremy Adams (Rugby, Touch, Basketball)
  • Heather Goodall (Netball)
  • Parusi Lemalu (Rugby League, Football)
  • James Keugler (Athletics)
  • Jodie Allely (Trampoline)
  • Leanne Raffles (Artistic Roller Skating)
  • Lisa Garrud (Roller Skating)
  • Darrin Worsfold (Climbing)
  • Stu Thompson (Golf)
  • Anna Ankersmit (Yachting)
  • Aik Ho (Basketball)
  • Daniel Wood (Hockey)
  • Joel Montarde (Basketball)
  • Tony Fifita (Rugby League, Rugby, Touch, Tag)
  • Kim-anaka Baillie (Touch, Tag, Rugby)
  • Cheryl Grbic (Waka Ama)
  • Ashleigh Taylor (Football)
  • Shannon Swainston (Swimming)
  • Khushali Patel (Netball)
  • Pili Apulu (Netball)
  • Breanna Gibson (Softball)
  • Gareth Teahan (Basketball)
  • Jess Ramage (Indoor Cricket)
  • Jonny Parkinson (Rugby)
  • Kerry Reyburn (Para Cycling)
  • Gerard Campbell (Netball)
  • Paula Maiu’u (Netball)
  • Tracy King (Softball, Karate)
  • Sam O’Loughlin (Touch, Kickboxing)
  • Georgina Gatenby (Netball)
  • Will Maling (Rowing)
  • Taku Ru (Softball)
  • Taku Ru Junior (Softball)
  • Jeremie Bouvet (Football)
  • Liam Herbert (Yachting)
  • Tania Parangi (Softball)
  • Grant Rumble (Hockey)
  • Gabrielle Peach (Rowing, Strength and Conditioning)
  • Tania Hunter (Basketball)
  • Paresh Patel (Hockey)
  • Chris Whaanga (Netball, Softball, Waka Ama, Ki o Rahi, Hockey)
  • Aylia Hamilton (Gymnastics, Basketball, Football, Trampoline, Multisports)
  • Annette Bigby (Gymnastics)
  • George Petelo (Rugby, Rugby League)
  • Zac Franich (Surf Lifesaving, Canoe)
  • Shoruban Pasupati (Cricket)
  • Stevee Evans (Netball)
  • Brie Trevarthen (Gymnastics)
  • Elizabeth Asi (Netball)
  • Zane Bray (Rock Climbing)
  • Peter Wiles (Touch Rugby)
  • Chantelle Farrell (Gymnastics)
  • Joanne Waller (Beach Volleyball, Indoor Volleyball)
  • Fifita Hala (Rugby League)
  • Jason Veldman (Rugby)