AFL KiwiKick successful at Freemans Bay School

Freemans Bay School has been successfully introduced to the new and dynamic sport of AFL through the AFL KiwiKick programme.

AFL KiwiKick teaches fundamental movement skills, valuable for a wide variety of sports. Students learn to kick, catch, pass and bounce, using easy to handle AFL footballs.

The programme at Freemans Bay School is part of the wider Play AFL Pathway, funded by Sport Auckland. The Play AFL Pathway will see children learn AFL skills in school, before transitioning into playing games of AFL and joining club teams.

For the children at Freemans Bay school, this pathway will be free of charge. This will ensure the Play AFL Pathway will deliver the outcome of more participants playing more sport.

Sport Auckland Fundamental Skills Advisor Emily Davidson is pleased with the results. “It’s a game that is social and sustainable for children. The AFL pathway is really diverse which creates many opportunities for children to play and continue to develop.”

The Play AFL Pathway involves 6 in school AFL KiwiKick sessions, followed by an 8 week after school programme. The in school component of the Play AFL Pathway will be delivered to 5000 participants across the Central Auckland region.

For the first time ever, AFL New Zealand is in a position to offer the after school programme free of charge for up to 15% of each school roll across the region. This exciting development will significantly build on progress made in schools.

To accompany the eight fun sessions available in the after school programme, participants also receive a free bag, hat and ball. This will allow them to continue playing AFL at home and with friends.

The Play AFL Pathway is continued through the operation of Play AFL Clubs, set to begin again in Term 4 of 2014. This important step of the Play AFL Pathway offers participants a progression from learning AFL in schools, to becoming regular players at their local Play AFL Club.

Free spots in Play AFL Clubs will be offered to AFL KiwiKick after school participants, ensuring that many will go on to take advantage of every opportunity in the Play AFL Pathway.

A crucial facet of the Play AFL Pathway is the development of AFL sustainability within schools. Towards this outcome, teachers are provided with professional development and opportunities to become AFL KiwiKick accredited coaches.

Freemans Bay School teacher Chandar Kumar supported the initiative. “It was great to learn the skills through the PD session, and now I can help the kids during the coaching sessions.”

All schools that take part in AFL KiwiKick are also provided with a resource kit, to ensure continued participation in AFL is possible following the conclusion of the AFL KiwiKick programme.

AFL New Zealand has long enjoyed a strong relationship with Sport Auckland. Since 2010, Sport Auckland has funded the delivery of AFL KiwiKick to 15000 participants across more than 50 schools.

Sport Auckland was also presented with an award at the 2013 AFL New Zealand Community Awards, which was accepted on behalf of the organisation by Victoria Barton.

For more information on the Play AFL Pathway, contact Reg Ranchhod at