AFL New Zealand Premiership less than a month away

The 2023 AFL New Zealand Premiership is fast approaching and teams are gearing up for a return to the playing fields. Following the cancellation of the 2022 season due to Covid, many of the exciting new changes to the Premiership were put on hold, but in 2023 those changes will come to fruition.

3 Games to be played in Christchurch

The Southern Saints have moved south to Christchurch, and will host each team for 1 game during the season, starting off with the opening game against the Western Crows on February 19th at QE2 Park Christchurch.

Shake up to the Women’s Premiership

The Women’s Premiership is making huge steps forward. With the introduction of 3 teams that align with the men’s clubs. The Central Shakers, Northern Storm and Western Ravens sides have been filled with players from across the country and provide the perfect opportunity for Women to continue to compete, grow and develop in the game of AFL.

The continued growth of the AFL New Zealand Premiership is vital to participant opportunities and development by increasing match content between February and April each year.

An established calendar with match content over a season now spanning from August to April each year, has seen the game attract participants who now can commit to AFL as their number one sport. The scheduling of high level matches has resulted in the standards of New Zealand representative teams rise since the inception of the Premiership in 2016. The 2023 season will be no different with a significant number of this seasons total playing group taking part in their first AFL New Zealand Premiership season.

The Men’s season starts on February 19th at QE2 Park Christchurch and the Women’s season starts at North Harbour Stadium on  February 26th 2023.