AFL NZ & Technology

AFL New Zealand is moving forward and using all kinds of new, online technology to benefit both our staff, and the communities that we service.

Through the use of a new website and YouTube, we can provide resources for both staff and players to improve their skills and knowledge of AFL, the rules of the game, and where they can watch and play AFL in New Zealand. With a smartphone anyone can pull up a skill or drill video and implement it on the training field in realtime.

QR codes have been a big part of raising awareness for AFL New Zealand; the small barcodes that can be scanned with a smartphone app are an easy way to get our message out to the general public quickly and easily.

Social networking has also been an important tool in spreading our message to as many people as possible. Our Facebook and Twitter pages are great places to keep up with everything AFL, with events, photos and updates about AFL in New Zealand.

Cloud storage has enlarged our small offices virtually. Through DropBox we can store files that all staff members can access anywhere and anytime. This is hugely advantageous, making sure that our coaches are prepared and on time. This has improved the level of delivery from our coaches and thus a better product for the participants.

Our next online project is online combine testing scores and results, so keep checking back for more developments.


You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.