AFLNZ Announces Partnership with CoachAFL and Rookie Me Coach Platform

AFL New Zealand is pleased to announcement a partnership with CoachAFL and Rookie Me Coach platform and will be hosting a webinar on how to use it.

With the Local League Season start date around the corner, now is the time to get these great FREE resources to help support your learning and team experiences.

On Monday September 12th, 7.30m, Rookie Me Coach staff based in Australia, will host a webinar for New Zealand coaches, to learn more about the platform and find ways that will support you and your team.

Rookie Me Coaching Platform Webinar – Monday September 12th 7.30pm

Areas Covered

  • Training and game-day Solutions
  • Structured Training Sessions
  • Understanding the “Why” behind activities
  • Player Development and Participation

Steps you need to complete to get access to Rookie Me

  • Step 1, Register on CoachAFL
  • Step 2’ Completed Foundation Course best suited to the team you are coaching
  • Once both these steps are completed you will get access to Rookie Me
  • Step 3: Register and attend Rookie Me Webinar, to learn how to best use the platform

As part of a range of initiatives to support football bounce back in 2022, we are excited to announce that the CoachAFL membership fee of $49.50 will be removed for all coaches registering in 2022 with Coach AFL and Rookie Me platforms now available for FREE.

Starting now, coaches will be able to register and complete their accreditation through the CoachAFL platform FREE of charge.

Each year, existing coaches will still be required to login and complete an update (online module) to keep their accreditation current. Each coach (New or Existing) will be able to register as a coach in their country during the process.

When updating Coach Profile information, to select a country as the place you are Coaching;

  • Scroll down to coaching Role
  • Select International from the drop-down menu
  • Select your country
  • Select type of coach

Once you have updated your profile and completed the required modules, coaches will have access to a wide range of resources and benefits as part of their CoachAFL Membership including:

  • Foundation (Level 1) Accreditation
  • Extensive Resource Library containing videos, articles, podcasts, interactive online modules and more
  • The Rookie Me Coach Platform – Training Activities and Session – Link to Rookie Me platform walk through HERE
  • Free face-to-face and virtual coaching workshops and webinar sessions
  • Much, much more!

Level 2

For those looking to progress from Foundation to Level 2 coaching accreditation, please register your interest here

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Rookie Me Coaching Platform Webinar – Monday September 12th 7.30pm