Albany Junior claim maiden North Island AFL Cup

Albany Junior High School have the won their maiden North Island Junior AFL Cup Championships.


The day was held at QBE Stadium in Albany, where Pukekohe High School, Green Bay High School and Northcote College join Albany Junior for the final tournament of the year where the best of the best assemble.

Proving ever popular each year, a number of students participating in the championships look to remain playing the sport and start their pathway by joining the AFL New Zealand Youth competition and AFL New Zealand Academy 

Once again, the St Kilda Football Club and AVJennings are a proud sponsor of the AFL Cup and surrounding AFL New Zealand community programmes.


Round 1:

Albany Junior High School: 3.7: 25 def. Green Bay High School: 2.2: 14

Pukekohe High School: 4.6: 30 def. Northcote College: 1.1: 7

Round 2:

Albany Junior High School: 4.6: 30 def. Northcote College: 1.3: 9

Pukekohe High School: 4.5: 29 def. Green Bay High School: 4.4: 28

Round 3:

Albany Junior High School: 3.7: 25 def. Pukekohe High School: 1.4: 10

Green Bay High School: 5.4: 34 def. Northcote College: 4.3: 27

Round 4:

Albany Junior High School: 7.4: 46 def. Green Bay High School: 1.4: 10

Pukekohe High School: 5.6: 36 def. Northcote College: 4.2: 26

Round 5:

Albany Junior High School: 6.9: 45 def. Northcote College: 2.1: 13

Green Bay High School: 5.6: 36 def. Pukekohe High School: 4.2: 26

Round 6:

Albany Junior High School: 4.4: 28 def. Pukekohe High School: 1.2: 8

Green Bay High School: 9.7: 61 def. Northcote College: 4.3: 27


Congratulations to Albany Junior High School on winning the 2018 Junior AFL Cup North Island Champs.


Players of the day:

Albany Junior High School: Thomas Snaith

Green Bay High School: Cassius Eliki-Solomona

Northcote College: Jeffrey Kennerley

Pukekohe High School: Jack Mcwilliams