Applications open for New Zealand U18 Coaches

Applications are now open for the role of AFL New Zealand U18 Coach and Assistant Coach for the 2018/2019 season.


The U18 campaign is for players turning 18 or younger at the time of selection of the wider squad at the end of November each year and currently playing in the AFL New Zealand Youth Competition, Local Club or the AFL New Zealand Premiership.

These players will be looking to take the next step through their U18 experience targeting the New Zealand Seniors the following year. Those selected in the New Zealand U18 team tour Melbourne, Victoria May each year.

This tour includes being hosted by the Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League, associating with clubs of all levels, playing against a local team and attending an AFL fixture.

Your current geographic location is not an impediment for this position.

Applications close Friday 5pm 27th July 2018

AFLNZ expects all New Zealanders to have the opportunity to participate in sport and recreation activities regardless of their age, gender, religion, cultural background, sexual orientation, disability, income or geographical location.

If you require more information, please contact:

A full list of job descriptions can be found here.

AFL New Zealand U18 Coach job description