ASB Community Trust Project

In March 2011, the ASB Community Trust granted AFL New Zealand the amount of $40,000 in support of two junior development programmes.

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The inception of two new programmes, AFL KiwiKick and Hawks Cup have substantially increased participation rates in primary, intermediate and secondary schools and after school programmes. Currently in 9 of 17 sporting trust regions,

AFL New Zealand will continue to expand and to the supplement this growth, two full time employees have been appointed to the positions of “AFL KiwiKick Development Manager” and “Secondary Schools Development Manager”.

The ASB Community Trust application focussed on the requirement of funding to cover part wages for the positions of a “AFL KiwiKickDevelopment Manager” for one year and a “Secondary School and Talent Identification Officer” for a total amount of $40,000.

Participation figures for 2011 have been recently released with the two junior development programmes showing significant increases.

AFL KiwiKick saw particpants involved with the six to eight week programme increase from 7,864 nationwide in 2010 to 16,504 in 2011. Beyond these figures a further 13,719 students received an AFL KiwiKick introductory taster session in 2011.