Central Shakers hold on to three from their 2022 list

The Shakers have locked in 2 key players form their 2022 list and have received 4 priority picks to fill out their retained players lists. Captain Sam Lightfoot, will be joined by Poppy Gibson and Makenna Jones who were both due to debut for the shakers in 2022 before the season was cancelled.

Footy runs in the family for Poppy and Makenna, With Poppy’s sister Indy also being retained by the Ravens and Makenna’s older brother Couper and Spencer both playing for the suns next season. There is no better rivalry than family and these two will be eager to prove who is the better player.

Retained Player List

Sam Lightfoot

Poppy Gibson

Makenna Jones

Catriona O’Brien

June Manning

Tamara Toaolamai

Anna Muru-Paenga