Crows secure key players for 2021

Alastair Maisey and Tevita Misiloi have been retained by the coaching staff at the Western Crows for 2021 as they continue to build their list ahead of the upcoming season.

Alastair Maisey

Alastair Maisey from the Mt Roskill Saints will remain at Western Crows in 2021.

The swingman of New Zealand footy, Maisey’s attack on the footy and strong hands make him a key target in the forward line.

Alastair can also play a key role in the backline with his strong physical presence and ability to take intercept marks over the opposition.

Tevita Misiloi

Defender Tevita Misiloi will remain with the Western Crows in 2021.

The Waitakere Magpies enforcer can play both forward and back and is a handy mark along with being hard to stop in a contest.

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