Draft Preview: Roaring Tigers attack the draft

The North Shore Tigers have had a number of players drafted into the Premiership over the past four seasons with the likes of Brandon and Andriu Sucu, Te Kopa Tipene-Thomas and Josh Cunliffe all hailing from the Auckland AFL Club.


This year, three more Tigers will enter into the national draft in hope they will be picked up by one of the four Premiership sides for the 2019 season. 


Dominic Parkes-Dolan

Position: Midfielder

Playing in his first season with the Tigers, Dominic Parkes-Dolan is a talented athlete who quickly cemented a spot in the Senior side.

His background as a Wicket Keeper in Cricket is shown by his exceptional speed of hand and vision, skills that will be a true asset in the 2019 Premiership.


Keegan Pook

Position: Midfielder

Keegan Pook has been one of the key recruits for the Tigers in 2019.

With speed to burn and the ability to bust a tackle or two, Pook has a similar playing style to New Zealand midfielder Liam Beattie.

Keegan will no doubt be a strong performer in 2019.


Drew Bridge

Position: Forward

In 2018, Drew Bridge has shown why he is ready for the 2019 Premiership.

In his second year at the Tigers, the big bodied forward is sure to be imposing presence and a strong set of hands and the ability to cover the ruck will boost any squad in 2019.