Each clubs retained players for 2019

Over the past month, the four AFL New Zealand Premiership sides have revealed their retained players for the 2019 season. With still a number of players yet to be named, we list the stars that have already been retained so far.


The “Retained Players List” was added to the AFL New Zealand Premiership as an additional tool to create balance and competitiveness within the competition.

With study, work, injury and locational alterations playing a role in player availability from season to season, it is important that each team is afforded the opportunity to retain players from the previous seasons list from each of the established draft categories.

Once the “Retained Players List” has been finalised by the Premiership teams, the remaining players will be re-entered into the national draft and will be available for selection by any of the four teams. This ensures an even spread of all draft categories across the four team rosters and equalises player availability that can be restricted due to location.

The 2019 AFL New Zealand Premiership will contain the following categories within the Retained Player list.

RPL Category 1: Retention of Auckland based players who have played for the New Zealand Senior team over the past 12 months. (Up to 3 players retained*)

RPL Category 2: Retention of Regionally based players. (Up to 5 players to be retained*)

RPL Category 3: Retention of Auckland based players who have not played for the New Zealand Senior team over the past 12 months. (Up to 5 players to be retained*).

*If a team cannot supply the amount of players from each category, a priority draft pick will be allocated to rectify this.


Central Giants

Category 1: Sam McKenzie (Captain), Harison Manks, James McKenzie.

Category 2: Wayne Sullivan, Nicholas Rhodes, Tayne Lockwood, Dean Smith, Garrett Beck.

Category 3: James Dakin, Tristan Burnett, Elliot Bennetts.


Northern Suns

Category 1: Ben Hick (Captain), Will Dickinson, Heta Scarf Matthews.

Category 2: Liam Beattie, Josh Mackie, Alex Awatere, Will Kempt, Josh Allen.

Category 3: Pete Rodgers, Josh White, Chris Bailey.


Southern Saints

Category 1: Michael Boyce (Captain), Carlos Donnell-Brown, Andriu Sucu.

Category 2: Josh Morgan-Ranui, Hayden Johnston, Misilifi Faimalo, Sam Blackler, Josh Sedgwick.

Category 3: Alex Fakatoumafi, Nico Donnell-Brown, Daniel Howie.


Western Crows

Category 1: Ty Smith, Shane Leat, Declan Crann.

Category 2: Jay Johnson (Captain), Te Kopa Tipene Thomas, Brad Mavor, Sam Burdett, Jedidiah Williams.

Category 3: Jacob Tucker, Josh Copeland, Alastair Maisey.