Emerging NZ talent to play in AFLW U18 Championships

AFL New Zealand Youth Girls squad member Jaimee Wyatt will travel to Sydney on Thursday to represent Tasmania in the AFL Womens Under 18 National Championships.


AFL Female Football development Manager Jan Cooper came up with the idea three year’s ago when she wanted to increase the development of young females playing AFL in New Zealand.

In 2016, fellow Youth Girls squad member Jolyn Collins from Massey High School jumped at the chance to proudly represent New Zealand. Twelve months later, Youth Girls Captain Killarney Morey was the second female to play in the Championships. 17 year old Jaimee will become the third representative from New Zealand in 2018.

Jaimee in action for the NZ Youth Girls during the 2018 ANZAC campaign.

Jaimee has emerged as one of the best Female players in the country after continuing to develop her game over the past three seasons.

A nominee for 2018 AFLNZ Female Player of the Year at the High Performance Awards in April this year, the student from Westlake Girls High School is excited about the opportunity to take part in the championships.

“I’m very excited and looking forward to the competition and the opportunity to play AFL at a higher level in the homeland of the sport.”

Tasmania will play NSW/ACT in two games over a four day period during the first phase of the championships. An Allies squad will then be named featuring players from Division 2 for phase two of the championships in July, in a structure similar to the male championships.

The squad will depart on Thursday with their first match against NSW/ACT on Friday, June 1 at 9:00PM (NZT) at Blacktown International Sportspark. They then have a rest day before facing NSW/ACT again on Sunday June 3, at 12:00PM (NZT) at the same venue.


1Jaimee WYATT1677/1/2001New Zealand
2Elise BARWICK16831/3/1999Glenorchy
3Amy HALABY15521/3/2001Launceston
4Mia KING1656/5/2001Launceston
5Shaeli RODMAN1657/9/2000Burnie
6Tahlia BORTIGNON16426/2/2001Clarence
7Netty GARLO17019/8/2002Lindisfarne
8Kelsie HILL16624/11/2002Evandale
9Carly FARROW16717/9/2001South Launceston
10Sophie FARROW16917/9/2001South Launceston
11Libby HAINES17429/2/2000Burnie
12Chloe HAINES17329/2/2000Burnie
13Shelby RAYNER16726/1/2001Burnie
14Meg RADFORD17029/10/2000Launceston
15Mya SLATTER1654/4/2002Ulverstone
16Samantha LANGMAID17230/4/2000Burnie
17Lauren STEVENSON1705/8/1999Burnie
18Hailee BALDWIN1698/1/2002Kingborough
19Bella GOWARD16322/11/2001Fahan
20Jenna FARROW17113/7/1999Clarence
21Camilla TAYLOR1798/2/2001Launceston
22Priscilla ATIM17226/11/2001Kingborough
23Hannah SMITH17628/10/2001Glenorchy
24Jessica MINIFIE1672/12/2001Clarence
25Georgia HILL17524/1/1999Launceston
26Chloe WELLS1818/8/2000Clarence
28Holly RYAN1803/2/2000Glenorchy