First Week Academy Results

Round 1 Auckland Results:

A large crowd of parents and spectators turned out to watch three exciting matches, including a one point victory for the Tigers against the Magpies. The supporters created great atmosphere for the matches, which were played both competitively and in good spirits. Some of the younger and newer players pulled out surprising performances, impressing the coaches and more experienced players.

Tigers 3.3:21 defeated Magpies 3.2:20

Goals: Tigers: Little 2, Masters:

Magpies: Declan Crann, Daniel Carston, Alistair Maisey


Magpies 2.2:14 lost to Lions 6.7:43

Goals: Magpies: Carston (2)

Lions: Milne 2, Vainikolo, Donnell-Brown


Tigers 5.2:32 defeated Lions 2.4:16

Goal Kickers to be confirmed.

Best Players: Magpies – Alistair Maisey, Tigers – Lewi Barrow-Young, Lions – Zeon McNabb

Round 1 Wellington Results:

In tough, windy conditions the Magpies won both of their games, thanks to big performances from some of their more experienced players. The players who stood out were those who had the fitness to keep going right until the end of the day, making multiple efforts at the ball and outworking opponents. The standard has been set for the Wellington Regional Competition, with all players now knowing what they need to do to match it.

Magpies 6.2.38 defeated Lions 4.5.29

Goals: Magpies: Lenihan (3), Hanning, Ioane-Fidow, Watkins

Lions: U. ah Kuoi (2), Matheson (2)


Bulldogs 3.5.23 defeated Lions 3.3.21

Goals: Bulldogs: Vaughan (2), U. ah Kuoi

Lions: van der Wilt, Matheson, Taankink-Williams


Magpies 5.4.34 defeated Bulldogs 4.2.26

Goals: Magpies: N. ah Kuoi (3), Lenihan, Watkins

Bulldogs: Shervey (2), Green, Awatere


Best on Grounds: 

Magpies: James Watkins

Lions: Alex Awatere

Bulldogs: Dylan Absalom


Round 1 Northland Results

A hard fought match between two fiercely competitive teams on a hot day in Whangarei. The Bulldogs kept on pushing throughout, and despite strong passages of play from the Tigers, the Bulldogs prevailed by a large margin. The key quarter was the 3rd, with the Bulldogs turning their existing advantage into a huge lead. The Tigers can take heart from the 3 goals they kicked in the final quarter, suggesting they will be capable of improving their results over future matches.

Bulldogs 17.11.113 defeated Tigers 5.9.39


Q1: Bulldogs 2.1.13 Tigers 1.1.7

Q2: Bulldogs 4.5.29 Tigers 1.4.10

Q3: Bulldogs 6.2.38 Tigers 0.2.2

Q4: Bulldogs 5.3.33 Tigers 3.2.20

Goals: Bulldogs: Tipene-Thomas 5, Caldwell 3, Irving 3, Wadman 2, Johnson 2, Lucas 2.

Tigers: Smith 3, Skinner 1, Woodham 1


Best on Grounds:

Tigers: Jordan Skinner

Bulldogs: Te Kopa Tipene-Thomas