Footy Frenzies set to ignite Women’s game

The AFL Female Footy Frenzy events will return to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in 2020 with an aim of increasing participation and awareness in support of the ever growing female AFL New Zealand participation pathway.

The Female Footy Frenzy events are a starting point for those new to the game and showcase the benefits to be gained through the social experiences and wellbeing generated by sport.

The event includes a focus on the fundamental skills and is the best opportunity to try out a brand new sport in a fun supportive environment.  Participants will get to play a game of AFL with no expectations on them.

Transferable skills between other sports and AFL

  • Netball players make great AFL players as they are used to fast paced 360 degree game
  • Football players make great AFL players as the defensive/attacking tactics are very similar
  • We have players from all over sporting codes involved in our community

Luka Karalus from Auckland participated in the footy frenzies last year and found it a good entry point to the game.

“The Footy Frenzy sessions were a great way to have a go at footy in a friendly, fun environment. It was awesome to learn some new skills and meet other women who were also keen to give it a go. The awesome thing about women’s footy in Auckland is the vibe is very much about giving it a go, learning new skills and having fun at the same time. It has been great to meet new people all while building my fitness and learning something new. Although I had never played AFL before, I found that skills that I had gained in other sports, such as rugby, were able to be transferred”

The scheduled events this year will be utilised by AFL New Zealand, the national sporting body, as an event based strategy to compliment and support local community initiatives to grow the game within the regions. AFL New Zealand has stepped up it’s efforts to cater for the growing demand for a provision of increased sporting opportunities for girls and women within the New Zealand sporting landscape.

The scheduled Female Footy Frenzy event dates will take place in October  as the demand for formalised competitions increases in all regions.

Upcoming Dates:


October 11th – Onepoto Domain, Northcote, 11.00am

October 18th – Onepoto Domain, Northcote, 11.00am


October 11th – Hutt Park, Seaview, 11:30am

The Wellington Women’s AFL players will be playing a game so you will get an opportunity to watch the end of their game and then give it a go yourself!


October 18th: Hagley Park, 11:00am

October 31st: Hagley Park, 11:00am

For those interested in the Female Footy Frenzy events, click the link below to fill out an expression of interest where further information will be forwarded.