Former Falcons son enters the premiership

Byron Roff played an integral part of multiple International Cup campaigns, playing in the successful 2005 campaign that saw the Falcons come home as champions. His son Will Roff, is now making his way through the New Zealand pathway and is putting his foot forward to play in the AFL New Zealand Premiership.

Will Roff has been playing AFL in Wellington for a number of years now, starting in the Youth Programme, he quickly showed his talent for the game, going on to be selected in multiple academy squads.

Roff, born in 2003 is likely to be targeted to participate in the All Star clash along with a number of other former academy team mates. The 2003 age group has some fantastic talent that unfortunately, due to Covid, has missed the opportunity to compete internationally over the past three years. Those selected for the All Stars match in April is likely to impact on the New Zealand Falcon’s 2024 International Cup selections.