Four Winds foundation assists AFL New Zealand Programmes

AFL New Zealand would like to acknowledge and thank the Four Winds Foundation for their support in the development of AFL within New Zealand.

Four Winds Foundation have recently provided funding support towards the growth and development of AFL within New Zealand in 2022.

The funding provided by the Foundation directly assists the following AFL New Zealand Programmes.

AFL KiwiKick

AFL New Zealand continues to deliver the AFL KiwiKick programme to Primary School children around the country.

The programme teaches children not only the fundamental movement skills of Kick, Catch, Pass and Bounce but also stability and locomotive movement skills, with an aim to encourage all participants involved to be Active For Life by following Sport New Zealand’s “Physical Literacy” approach.

The AFL KiwiKick Programme teaches fundamental movement skills to ages 5 to 12.

Physical literacy is “the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding required by participants that allows them to value and take responsibility for engaging in physical activity and sport for life”.  In conjunction with Sport New Zealand, AFL New Zealand will look to support and promote this concept of physical literacy by actively seeking out ways to align and deliver this philosophy.

These skills are valuable for a wide variety of sports, and the AFL KiwiKick programme ensures that everyone who participates is confident and competent with those skills. Qualified AFL KiwiKick coaches deliver focused and fun sessions during school hours and afterschool, with every child receiving between 1 – 8 sessions of coaching.

AFL New Zealand Youth Programme

AFL New Zealand created its Youth programme for new players to participate in the sport of AFL.

Within the AFL New Zealand Youth programme there is a focus on improving the participants skills and fitness along with a training, game and development programme through a fun and enjoyable pathway.

The AFL New Zealand Youth programme includes five centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The AFL New Zealand Youth programme continues to grow around Aotearoa

The AFL Cup is an Inter School competition for Junior (Years 9-10) and Senior (Years 11-13) students based on fundamental movement and ball skills of AFL for boys and girls.

The programme provides introductory sessions and resources presented by qualified AFL New Zealand Staff to introduce a new and dynamic sport to students. The skills of ‘Kick, Catch, Pass and Bounce’ are perfectly matched to cross reference any number of sports. The 9 a side format is suitable for rugby size fields and with three reserves per team, team numbers are easy to coordinate.

With the assistance of Four Winds, these programmes will continue to increase the awareness and exposure of AFL to the New Zealand public.