I love AFL!

Wow!!!! AFL. I can’t believe we have AFL coaching every week. I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! I love AFL. Other people call it Kiwi Kick. I just call it AFL. I watch it on tv whenever I can if my brother not watching anything. My favourite players are Israel Folau and Karmichael Hunt.

Even though we learnt the drop-punt, we learnt it again to get more accuracy in the kick. I tried it and guess what, I failed. But then, the mentor came over to me and told me the new skill, and then I got it right. After everyone got it right, we split into teams and played a little game called bomb the teachers. We had to try and kick the ball at the teacher and bombard them with the balls. If we hit the teacher then we got 2 points, if we got the netball pole, we got three points. If we got it into the hoop, we got five points. My team won 7 points to 5. It was a cool game.


Just like the drop-punt, we learnt another skill but just to get it perfect. This skill was the hand pass. I already knew how to do it good so I just helped everyone else. The game that we played after that was hand ball octopus. To get people out, you had to hand pass the ball to them and touch them. For the first round, the mentors were in. I was so lucky, I won the round. The next round, everyone was going for me. Finally I got out. When I got out, I got everyone else out. Then we finished.

The next skill we perfected was to catch highballs and do the right technique. The best catch is the chest catch. You put your hands in front of you then you pull the ball into your chest. That’s the best catch you can do. After that catch, we learnt the speci. You run and jump on someones back to catch the ball. The game that we played was Over The River. The point of the game is to kick the ball and make other people drop the ball. But you have to catch it before you kick it.

I really like Kiwi Kick because you can do many things in the sport. My favourite thing is a speci. I hope next year we can have more and more game time. If I play AFL, I want to be like Israel Folau.