Introducing the Southern Stars

AFL in Canterbury has been growing fast, and in 2024, the Southern Saints are gaining a sister side, the Southern Stars.

The addition of the Southern Stars to the AFL New Zealand Women’s Premiership is a huge development for the women’s game, and shows a positive step forward in female participation. The addition of the Stars also brings the first game in the Women’s Premiership to be played outside of Auckland, in an effort to further align the men’s and women’s seasons.

The opening round of the 2024 AFL New Zealand Premiership will open with a Southern clash at Christchurch’s QE2 Park, with both the Men’s and Women’s games playing their opening game at the venue. This will be the only Women’s game played outside of Auckland in the 2024 Season, with plans to expand to have more games in Christchurch and Wellington in the future.

Southern Stars Logo

The Southern Stars logo brings a fresh look to the Canterbury region. The Shield shape works to align the side with their male counterparts, while the stars aligned in the shape of the southern cross is a direct link to the teams name.

The 2024 AFL New Zealand Women’s premiership kicks off February 25th 2024.